Lead Genertaion Strategy for Real Estate Investment

by : Robert Lawrence

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the idea of approaching 'for sale' properties (both FSBO and MLS listed ones) as a lead generation strategy. Here is a quick excerpt from the article entitled 'Double Dipping Just Like The Real Estate Agents Do':



'Here is a quick marketing idea you can use immediately to generate new business. Send a postcard to all the new property for sale listings in your area (whether they are on MLS or are FSBO's from the newspaper).

Often times, the person selling the property hasn't yet lined up financing for the "new" property they are buying. And this is a great way to get new purchase loans lined-up early and fill your pipeline. Realtors have been 'double dipping' on commissions for years, selling one house and getting another commission on the new deal. If they can kill two birds with one stone, so can you!

Combine this pro-active postcard technique with your own lead generation site and you'd have a killer combination. Certainly something to consider in this competitive rate environment.'


A got a lot of emails back, asking what to put on the postcards to get attention. Here a few great headlines you can use in your marketing copy.

* Before You Sell Your Home, How Do You Know You Can Afford Your Next One?

* How Soon Do You Want To Close On Your Next Home?

* If You Are Having Trouble Selling Your Home, Wouldn't It Make Sense To Get Potential Buyers Pre-Qualified First?

* How Much Time Are You Spending With People Who Won't Buy?

* Can You Afford To Take A Chance That Your Home Won't Sell In Time?

* Will Your Dream Home Still Be Available By The Time Your Financing Is Set Up?

* How Soon Do You Want To Close On Your Next Home?

* A Little Birdie Told Me You Were Selling Your Home, Do You Know What Your Next Move Will Be?

* If You Don't Take Control Of Your New Home, Who Will?

Notice, that all of the headlines are leading, asking questions which cause the person to stop and think. Also, never, ever use the words 'property' or 'house'. You always want to use 'home'. It's powerful. It's emotional. And it's where the heart is. ;-)

Postcards are effective because they are inexpensive, short and to the point . Even if they are thrown away, your marketing message is STILL seen. Run this campaign over several months, with several headlines to the same prospects and it will be impossible for them not to notice. Repetition breeds action. And action breeds business.

I would also advise offering a special report or other incentive to increase your response rate. Having a loan pricing website would also help, similar to the one I have at http://www.FindTheLowestRate.com You want something that isn't a 'corporate' image site but rather one which captures the prospect's information so you can later follow-up with them and convert them into a customer.

Give this low-cost marketing technique a try today and you'll write more loans this month.