Making Profit Through Real Estate

by : Kim Lee

No one hears about how much money one can make investing in real estate. That's probably because it is a well-kept secret. If everyone knew about it, everyone would be doing it, right? Wrong. Much like starting your own business, investing in real estate requires entrepreneurial skills and a vision, which is why not everyone is jumping on the real-estate bandwagon. Investing in real estate can be extremely enjoyable and very profitable. It is the American dream to own a piece of property. There are some who have turned it into a business. Because of the risks, real estate is not always the best choice for people. You need to set up some guidelines to be successful.

As with any business, the key to success is setting up a marketing niche. Some people are happy being landlords. Other people want to flip houses. You have to decide which you are willing to be. Being a landlord can yield a monthly income. The downside is the rent not coming in on time or the tenant destroying the property. You might find it more enjoyable to buy a house and fix it up. When you have all the repair work done you can sell the property for a profit. This is known as flipping a house. There are some properties which may not need as much work as others. You can choose either commercial or residential properties when flipping properties. Flipping commercial property is more complicated and not as easy as residential homes.

It is not always easy to locate properties when investing in real estate. There is a real estate crisis in America at the moment which means there are many distressed properties on the market. This gives you the option of choosing from foreclosures and pre-foreclosures or sheriff's sales and auctions. You may even want to look at HUD and VA repossessions lists. You must determine what market you want to look at. Investing in real estate is a job. With a job comes responsibility. You will need to understand real estate law in your area. Just because it is legal in one state does not mean it is legal in another. You can gather quite a bit of information on the Internet. The local clerk's office may also be able to help with information concerning distressed properties. You can call and ask to determine what you must do when acquiring a property in distress.

One of the other types of properties you can invest in are tax sale properties. These will generally be listed in the tax office. Some of the sheriff sales will offer these types of properties for sale on the court house steps. This means the auditor will accept sealed bids for the properties. The sale goes to the highest bidder.

Always remember when investing in real estate location is the key. For family homes check the local school district. The families you are wanting to buy are going to. Should you choose to sell to senior citizens you will not want to purchase old rambling houses in the middle of nowhere. Single story homes located near shopping and doctors are for this market. When you find your marketing niche, you will know what homes to look for. Investing in real estate should generate a profit. If the profit from the sale is not greater than 10% of the investment, it is the wrong house. There are many people who will not touch a home that can not yield 30% or better on the investment. When you become familiar with investing in real estate the profits will grow.