How an Agent Can Help you Buy or Sell a Home on Ebay

by : Doug Jones

It's possible to buy and sell almost everything on eBay these days, and real estate is no exception. Home owners make solid investment returns every day on eBay, and buyers here can negotiate great prices on exactly what they're looking for. eBay's informal, open-ended concept also makes it easy for buyers and sellers to negotiate deals to suit their needs, and negotiate other aspects of the property like appliances and home furnishings. But eBay's flexibility can also make it complicated - there's also the question of whether every eBay transaction follows state and federal laws for real estate. That's where the help of a qualified real estate professional can make all the difference - many real estate agents have broad experience in online negotiations since buyers tend to search online first when looking for a home. A qualified professional can take all the uncertainty out of buying or selling your home on eBay, and ensure you get the most for your investment while enjoying the benefits of a less restricted marketplace. Real estate agents can also help buyers in sellers in other online arenas, like FSBO websites.

Real estate sellers will likely need the most help in the eBay market. Even if a seller is adept at finding buyers and generating interest and finding buyers, he or she may still need help highlighting certain aspects of the property, negotiating the sale, and doing paperwork - listing with eBay may also turn out to be more work than the seller anticipated, and be a job better suited to someone buying and selling real estate full time. For the same reasons not every real estate agent will want to help sell a home on eBay - it's harder to find an agent for eBay, but it's well-worth the effort. Real estate agents interested in working on eBay are often much more experienced with online marketing, and more in-tune with the latest industry trends - there's a good chance they've even sold homes on eBay before.

Probably the most useful aspect of listing your home on eBay with the help of a real estate agent is that every aspect of the transaction meets real estate standards. From the initial listing with photos and description, to the negotiations and paperwork, your home sale will be done professionally and in accordance with local guidelines. As well, your home will be listed in places besides eBay, for maximum exposure to buyers. Your real estate agent will ensure that it gets featured in local MLS listings and agent and broker publications. Many times your feature listing will be accompanied by a note about the listing on eBay as well.

It's important to keep in mind that homes sold over eBay still need to meet a variety of local requirements in order to be considered legal. eBay is useful for publicizing your home and generating competing offers among buyers, but a listing here must be followed up with legal paperwork and real negotiations. For many sellers, this is the step where the services of a real estate professional become essential.

As one of the largest centers of e-commerce, eBay is a great place for home sellers and buyers to meet. Real estate professionals are there to make that meeting go even smoother, and ensure both sides get what they're looking for in the deal.