How To Get Sellers To Call And Beg You To Take Their Property!

by : Joe Crump

I'm going to give you the *basic* steps in my $0 Down Real Estate Investing Program. I outline the program in *detail* in my 324 page e-book. For details about the book. and much, much more!

I personally put together four more real estate deals last week... not to mention the deals that I helped my coaching clients put together. This business gets addictive when you get the system set up. It is a lot of fun seeing deals come together with very little effort.

Setting it up in the first place is where the effort comes in. After it's set up, it is fairly easy to maintain.

I do most of my work on the phone. It doesn't take a lot of my time.


First I set up the ads that attract the Sellers and the Investors.

You are looking for two types of Sellers. The ads in the book are designed to get them to call you and ask for your help.

Here are the types of sellers that you are looking for...

TYPE ONE - Property owners who will sell to you at 15-30% below market value.

TYPE TWO - Property owners who will sell you property subject to the existing loans or with terms.

You must get either *price* or *terms* to get a good deal. There are several ways that you can use to bring these deals to your doorstep. They are too detailed to include here and are outlined (step-by-step) in my book.

You will want to set the program up as a "system" that creates a steady stream of qualified sellers calling you and asking you to purchase their properties.

Next, I talk to the people who respond to my ads and see if their property qualifies for my program. I categorize their property and determine what type of deal I'm working with.

First of all, does it fit one of my two criteria above (price or terms). Second, what am I going to do with it after I own it.

  1. Keep it as a rental?

  2. Sell it to an end user on lease option (rent to buy)?

  3. Sell it for cash to an Investor? (which I also show you how to find)

  4. Sell it to an Investor with Terms?

  5. Sell it to an end user for cash?

Fill out the questionnaires that I've provided in the book. They will tell you exactly what type of investment property you are dealing with.

The next step is inspecting the property. If you know how the functions of a home work, this is fairly easy, if not, read up on home inspections or use the guidelines that I give you in the course.