Get a Fast House Sale With Fast House Buyers

by : Eugene Articolov

Get in touch now if you are considering a fast house sale. What if you could sell your home in less than four weeks? There would be no need to speak to an estate agent, you wouldn't have to worry about the sale falling through and you could avoid showing complete strangers around your home. With these advantages, it's amazing that more people don’t opt to sell a house fast for cash in the UK.

At St Genix Fast House Buyers, we are getting more and more enquiries about our quick property sale service. There are many reasons why our clients want a fast house sale. Sometimes it's the frustration of waiting for an offer after putting their home on the market. Others need cash loans fast.

What is a fast house sale?

A quick property sale lets you sell your home when it's most convenient for you. You can take control of handling the problems you face, such as:

Relocation or emigration
Separation and divorce

These are some of the excellent reasons why people ask about a fast house sale. With an open market sale, there are no guarantees. Even after you get an offer, you're at the mercy of the timetable set by lenders and solicitors. You don't know when the sale will complete and when you will get your cash.

Can a quick house sale help me?

When St Genix Fast House Buyers handles a sale, the fast house sale process goes like clockwork. It's very simple, with only a few steps. We want you to be happy with the quick sale process, so ask us for advice and let us answer your questions. When you get in touch, we will ask you for information which will help us to set an initial cash value of your property. After that, we usually arrange to see you at home. That means we can explain the process and you can meet us.

We are proud of our discretion and will even work long distance if you prefer to keep the details of the sale private. However, we work, the sale process if fast. The sale will usually complete within a month, though we can adjust the timetable to suit you.

I need a roof over my head

When you sell to us, you get a bonus. Unlike an open market sale, where you need to vacate the premises on completion day, with us, you can stay at home. Just ask about rent back and you can remain in your home, while paying a rental figure in line with the market. Your expenses will go down, too,