Sell a House for Fast Cash to Cut Credit Card Debt

by : Eugene Articolov

Is your credit card debt spiralling out of control? Perhaps you need to sell a house for fast cash to solve the financial problem. When bills start to add up, some people may not know how to pay them and still handle their day to day expenses. It's all too easy to put spending on credit, and retail outlets offer us access to much more credit than is wise. It can be worrying to try to handle finances appropriately.

The freedom to spend can be addictive in a culture which favours buying now and putting off payments as long as possible. But unless you clear your balance regularly, you could find that you owe more and more. A no interest deal may look promising, but at the end of the offer period the rate goes up and our debts rise with them. Credit Action gives the following statistics:

In October 2007, total consumer credit lending rose almost 6% in comparison to the previous year, to £222 billion
Including loans, but with mortgages excluded, the average household debt is £20,741
On average, each person has borrowed £4,678
Ten per cent of credit card holder makes the minimum payment each month
Personal debt is rising by £1 million every four minutes
On average, the interest rate on credit cards exceeds 16 per cent
Each day, lenders repossess 77 homes
Each day, 305 people go bankrupt

We can't take this situation lightly. The only solution may be to sell a house for fast cash. Homeowners can arrange a quick house sale instead of applying for new cards when there's no more room on the old ones. If you sell a house for fast cash, you can escape the debt problem, and the bankruptcy and repossession that are almost inevitable. If you need help with financial management, get in touch with St Genix Fast House Buyers. Let us use our expertise to assist you with getting fast cash online through a quick property sale.

With us, when you sell a house for fast cash, the process really is fast. The sale can be completed in four weeks or less. We even have the flexibility to allow more time for completion if necessary. You can take control when you sell as house for fast cash. Your legal fees will be lower, there will be no need to pay estate agents, the timing will suit you and the sale will be guaranteed.