Overseas Investment Property

by : Keith McGregor

Overseas investment property offers many benefits to the astute investor. With locations offering established or emerging overseas investment property markets, there are many attractive options.

Investors are inevitably drawn to the current overseas investment property “hotspots”, where property can be secured at comparably low prices. These areas often offer high capital appreciation, as tourism is attracted and re-development is undertaken to maximise rentals and the resulting returns/profits.
As well as investors being attracted to overseas investment property opportunities due to the high capital growth and rental returns predicted, many opportunities are also offering an element of personal use.
Not only is the personal use element an added attraction that investors may not benefit from in UK property investment (for example), this can also substantially reduce the cost and increase viability of travelling abroad to your investment property for holiday purposes.
Particularly with more economical flight packages on offer to popular destinations and the comparably lower cost of eating, drinking, etc. The cost saving of accommodation for investors is a very attractive proposition.
Investors particularly interested in the personal use aspect of overseas property investment may be governed by the country and area in which they would like to visit and spend their free holiday time in the foreseeable future.

Overseas investment property opportunities within a few hours flying time may be a viable option for weekend visits, whereas countries with flight times in excess of 10 hours (for example) may not make a short stay an attractive proposition and would be more suitable for visits of 7 days or over. Certainly an important factor to consider to ensure that you can make the most of the personal use that your chosen overseas investment property has to offer.
One thing is for certain. Overseas investment property can not only offer substantial capital growth and rental returns, but also a set period per year of personal use can offer further investor savings when it comes to travelling abroad.
For investors interested in overseas investment property, there certainly are numerous benefits which can offer the best from both business and pleasure.