Why Do Grandmothers Make Better Home Business Entrepreneurs?

by : Ted Riley


There are many home based business ideas that are taking root as an economic force to be reckoned with these days. The people who are taking advantage of them are coming from all types of social backgrounds and the work at home industry has proven to be most effective in producing a new boom of working grandmothers. The fact that retired female workers can now re-enter the work force under their own terms has been a great help in raising the self esteem and living standards of the older generation.


There are many obstacles in the way of retired female workers who wish to get a home based business started, the biggest of which is techno-fear. This can be turned to the advantage of the technologically-challenged grandmothers for the simple reason that their grandchildren can teach them how to use a computer and surf the net. Just like having your own miniature I.T. consultant!


It is not only this fact that makes retired female workers likely to be able to succeed in a home based business. It is also the many skills that they have picked up along the course of their lives that will help enable them to have a better shot at getting into a viable home based business. The fact that a grandmother will have a finely honed work ethic is a great help since you have to be a self starter if you are going to run a home based business and many of the younger generation these days lack this quality.


A work at home grandmother is likely to have much better interpersonal skills because of the years of practice. The wisdom they have accrued will be a big help in making the decisions that will govern the home based business they chose to engage in and it will also be a help to others as a marketable commodity.


Many skills will also have been collected along the way such as handicrafts and the like that can be a very profitable home based business idea.


It is not only retired female workers that are cashing in on this idea of home based business. Work at home mothers are growing in numbers as the cost of childcare and the emotional welfare of the child becomes a bigger and bigger problem with mothers that wish to continue working through the early years of their child’s life.


Now that the internet can provide an income for the stay at home moms, the choice is being made with gusto. Work at home mothers are growing to like the idea of the independence that a home based business idea can bring and the self esteem boost is a big help in the fight against depression that being trapped in the home with the kids can sometimes cause.


There are many organizations that can give advice and guidance to the stay at home moms that wish to transform themselves into work at home mothers and one of them is called WAHM (this simply stands for work at home moms). The sole purpose for WAHM is to provide support specifically for work at home mothers in every imaginable way.

There are similar support groups for retired female workers who wish to start their own work at home business. The support group for working grandmothers is a part of AARP which is an organization for the over-fifty portion of society. Anything from investment advice to help with Medicare can be obtained.

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