Fort Bend County Tops in New Home Construction

by : Tim Dillard

Fort Bend County, home to Sugar Land, considered one of the best places to live in America, is growing at a fast rate. New home construction in this county is keeping pace with the influx of population who are drawn to the community by plentiful jobs, beautiful weather and low prices. In the first six months of 2007 alone, 350 new home sites opened in top gated communities. In Fort Bend County, looks like it will only get better in the coming years.

The phenomenal growth here is no accident. The community has worked hard for its accolades as one of the best places to live in. This was long before "planned communities" was a trendy catchphrase, city planners and community developers were putting the concept into practice. The result is acres upon acres of beautifully structured communities that are designed to provide the ultimate in convenience and luxury for their residents without impinging on the beauty of the environment.

In fact, the area is home to many Houston gated communities. Included are developments that are built around man-made and natural lakes, golf courses, water parks and other amenities that combine for an unparalleled lifestyle for prospective residents in top gated communities. In Fort Bend County, luxurious custom homes in safe and secure neighborhoods are the standard for this area, and this area has a wealth of them. New home builders built some of the best and most prestigious top gated communities.

As Houston continues to grow, builders are meeting the demand for new homes with the usual Texas style - bigger and better. Community developers look to more than land use when designing the top gated communities. They take into account the natural features of the land, and work with neighboring communities to provide all the amenities necessary for an incomparable standard of living. Shopping, entertainment, culture, art - are all within easy distance of every home in each community. That's the beauty of working with a master plan.

New home developments include plans for roads and transportation issues. Many of the new gated communities here include "centerpiece" amenities like man-made lakes with docks, piers and country clubs, or water parks and other leisure amenities. There are new homes built with easy access to top golf greens and golf courses for those who enjoy a golfing lifestyle, as well as communities that offer full recreational facilities for families.

New home construction in and around the area isn't limited to custom luxury homes at the top. Gated communities in Fort Bend County feature a fine mix of single family homes and town homes, including custom built luxury houses and production homes with all the features and amenities needed for a comfortable, active lifestyle. In addition to the new home construction that is already under way in and around Fort Bend, there are plans and resources for nearly 20,000 more in the next ten years.

With new industries and businesses moving here in record numbers, those homes will be sorely needed. While the rest of the country is watching real estate sit on the market for months on end, real estate market here is hopping, with the homes for sale maintaining and increasing in value as the community continues to grow.