The Real Estate Investors Credibility Kit

by : Judson Voss

The first reaction to most people when you tell them that you are a real estate investor is to look at you with a bit of suspicion and wonder. They wonder if 'real estate investor' really means 'freelancer' or 'doesn't really have a job.' Then, once they realize that you really do have a profitable business venture going, they start to wonder what exactly it is that you do and how you know how to do it.

With your friends and family it's fine for them to wonder a bit about your business and even have some suspicions. However, when you are looking to transact business with someone you want them to have enough information about you, your skills, and your experience for them to decide that they want to do business with you. One way you can show prospective clients and business partners that you know what you are doing is to create a small investor's credibility kit for yourself.

Your investor's credibility kit doesn't have to be something you pay a fortune to have created. It doesn't need to be professionally printed on glossy paper. It simply has to show people your experience, and to help them to decide to work with you. It needs to show people that you can do what you say that you can do.

The first thing you credibility kit needs to contain is a short biography about your company. If your real estate investment business is new, then a short biography about yourself and your relevant experience will suffice. Keep it to one page and try to keep the information as applicable as possible.

If you have attended real estate seminars, trainings, boot camps, classes, etc... include a copy of your certificate of completion along with your bio. If the vendor didn't give you one, print one up yourself and send it to them and ask that they sign it for you.

If you have bought and sold property already, then you want to get testimonials from any of your previous clients and investors who have agreed to be references for you. If you have not yet bought or sold any property, you could get testimonials from previous or current employers as to your character. In addition, you will want some names and phone numbers of references that people can call to check up on you.

Your investor's credibility kit should be given to anyone you are approaching about conducting business with. Just the simple act of creating it shows people that you are serious about your business and that you can do what you are telling them that you can.