Eco Friendly Thermocellit Block Build System

by : K.Towers

Eco friendly property construction using Thermocellit blocks. Save money, save time and save energy!!

ThermoCellit honeycombed clay blocks are made from fired clay and have a honeycomb cross-section. The external walls of your property can be built rapidly with this single skin eco friendly build system which replaces conventional cavity walls. These thermocellit honeycombed clay blocks combine rapid build time with moisture protection, noise and thermal insulation all in one.

The large block size, coupled with the fact that cavity wall construction is no longer required to satisfy the Building Regulations, means that buildings can be much more rapidly built.

The blocks are laid with a horizontal mortar joint 8-12mm thick using a special light weight mortar.

Vertical joints are tongue and grooved and need no mortar. The ThermoCellit range includes special blocks for windows and corners, and lintels.

Internal walls can also be built with Cellit blocks.

The main and obvious advantages gained by using Thermocellit build blocks are rapid build times and more importantly the eco friendliness of the system along with the following:

Ã?â‚?? Easy to plan wall layout

Ã?â‚?? Easy to use

Ã?â‚?? Blocks can be cut

Ã?â‚?? No mortar is needed in the vertical joints due to a tongue and grooved edge, reducing mortar use by up to 40%.

Ã?â‚?? Very little thermal movement results in less cracking and better building resale values

Ã?â‚?? Surface fixings compare favourably with conventional masonry construction

Ã?â‚?? The blocks are very strong and have a high impact resistance

The large block size, which allows rapid construction coupled with excellent thermal properties, makes this a very eco friendly build system and is becoming very popular. We are already in the process of building 5 properties with this system. See our web site: There are several great external and internal finishes available. We use Mona Capa which is the best suited for Spanish climate in our opinion.

ThermoCellit block

Height 240 mm Length 260 mm Thickness 300 / 365 mm Weight 162 / 197 kg/m? respectively

Vapour diffusion resistance, ? 4 U-value with external render and internal plaster

0.36/0.30 W/m?K respectively Crushing strength of Thermocellit wall 4 N/mm?

Sound reduction (with render + plaster finishes) 48 / 51 dB respectively

Cellit block

Height 240 mm Length 400 mm Thickness 100 / 125 / 150 mm Weight 74 / 90 / 108 kg/m?

Crushing strength of Cellit wall 4 N/mm?

Sound reduction (plaster both sides) 47 dB (125 block)

Mortar 30 kg bag (mixed with 10 litres water makes 30 litres wet

mortar). Sufficient for 1.00 m? of 300 mm wall and 0.80 m? of 365 mm wall at 8-12 mm mortar joint thickness.


No maintenance required.

Humidity and condensation

High protection against dampness penetration and the formation of condensation.

Acoustic Insulation

Good results are easily achieved.

Quality of living environment

Healthier living environment is assured by the lack of dampness, the good insulation values and the resistance against biological growth.

Air quality

The clay blocks do not contain pollutants such as fibres, organic airborne materials (benzene, toluene, solvents, ethers), formaldehyde and so on (there are about 100 possible pollutants in organic airborne materials such as PFA). No fungicides or insecticides are present and no radioactive components.


Thermocellit clay building blocks are totally recyclable. href="">