Ten Tips For A Speedy Sale Of Your Property

by : Thomas Pretty

When putting your property up for sale there are certain strategies that you can employ to reduce the time your house spends on the market and improve the price you may receive at time of sale. The biggest mistake most property sellers make is not understanding the prices that houses in their area sell for. Having a keen understanding of the local property market is vital in achieving a decent price when it finally comes to making a sale.

What must be understood is that the value of your property is not determined buy you, it is not how well you think your house performs as a family home or any improvements you have made. Ultimately the value of your home if defined by the buyers, for those are the people with the money, and their willingness to spend their money should be your main concern. Things that you may think are great selling points may actually harm the sale of your property. Try and put yourself in the mindset of the buyer; if you can appeal to them a sale may be more forthcoming. Here are ten helpful tips to selling your home.

1. Understand the market.

As previously stated it is imperative that you should have an understanding of the property market in your area. Look at the values that similar properties have sold for as this can be used as a rough guide to achieving an estimate of the price you will receive. It may even be worth getting the literature on those houses to show buyers that the price of your property is in line with current market estimates.

2. Make a decision on the minimum price.

After you have seen the property for sale in your local area, work out a figure that will be the minimum you can take. Tell your estate agent this figure but make sure they understand that offers should come in above this figure as negotiation is key to receiving the right price.

3. Get the aesthetics right.

Your first action to make the property more eligible for sale is to focus on the outside, giving the door a fresh lick of paint and ensuring the gardens are well kept is a great way of hooking buyers before they have even entered the property. This work should be carried on inside, making sure you show off the space in your home will make your house more appealing for buyers.

4. Spruce up the neighbourhood.

If a neighbour's garden is quite messy and there is litter on the streets it can be worth paying local kids for litter picking services and even some gardening. It may make you unpopular with some neighbours but you are moving so it should not be a great concern, after all pursuing a sale should be your strongest consideration.

5. If things look bleak, change tact.

If the strategies you are pursuing for a sale are not working, do not be afraid of trying something different. Increasing the advertising and lowering the price are both ways of doing this.

6. Listen to buyers.

Listen to what the buyers are saying about your property as they look around. Do not take their comments as criticism but instead as advice on how you should improve your home. If they say you bathroom is too dark, make it lighter. The sale depends upon the buyers liking your property.

7. Look at the average sale time in your area.

Look at property for sale in your area and how long it has been on the market for. If your house is taking longer than the average, maybe your price is too high.

8. Get an idea of the services you agent will provide.

Before you sign the sale agreement ensure you understand exactly what your agent is going to do to assist the sale of your house. Write these down so you have proof of the promises they have made.

9. Get repair estimates.

If there are any problems with you house such as the roof or plumbing get an estimate for the price of the work. If a buyer wants five thousand off the price for work and you can provide an estimate for only two, the price you receive should be higher.

10. Make worthwhile improvements.

Improvements can sometimes get great returns on the original cost. For instance paving the driveway for a thousand can usually add a couple of thousand if not more to the eventual sale price.

By following these ten helpful hints you should be able to sell your home in no time; and for the price you want. Be patient and the right buyer will come along that will care for your property as well as you have