Fractional Ownership of Property - the Advantages

by : Neil Robertson

Fractional ownership of property is a popular trend, but why is this? What are the advantages of owning property in this way? This article considers the aspects of purchase cost, size, location, and maintenance.

Reduced Cost

If you are considering buying a property then the financial commitment can seem daunting. If you could reduce the cost of purchasing your dream home by a factor of 10 that would make it much more manageable. With careful planning and selection of your fellow fraction owners it is possible to share the cost of purchasing without having to compromise on the weeks that you spend at your fractional property (most second home owners only stay 4-6 weeks in a year).

A Bigger/More Luxurious Home or a Better Location

If you're lucky you have the budget to buy your own property outright, but just consider how much more you could get if you multiplied your budget by 4 or 10 times! Perhaps your own budget would buy a property near the sea, but by using a fractional scheme you might be able to afford a beach-side property!

Reduced Maintenance Worries

The dream of holiday property ownership is often spoiled by concerns over maintenance. It's one thing to have your idyllic holiday home in the West Country or France but not so much fun if you have to spend the first day of you hard-earned holiday cleaning! By splitting the cost with your fellow fraction owners it becomes more affordable to have the property maintained and repaired by a professional company.

Diversify Your Holiday Property Portfolio!

You may be in the excellent position of being able to buy and maintain 1 holiday home. How much more fun would it be to use this money to buy fractions in 10 holiday homes around the country (or the world). How good would photos of all of your holiday homes look on your wall!


If you accept the fact that you will only use your property for a few weeks each year it seems hard to argue with the advantages of true fractional ownership of property. Buying property in this way could make it more affordable, bigger, in a better location, or allow you to have more than one property! Just make sure you check out any deal that you are interested in to make sure that it isn't timeshare in disguise!