Can You Get Good Discounts on Properties Out West?

by : Judson Voss

A lot of people are interested in real estate investment, but they also live out west in very expensive areas. These are places where the average family style ranch may cost up to half a million dollars and the cost of living is very high. The tendency for these potential real estate investors is to say; sure this works for people in cheaper areas of the country but the market here is so expensive it's just not worth our while.

It is very possible to make a return on your real estate investments out west and a good profit. Even though the prices are higher, the process of property investment is still all about the numbers.

You may have to work a little harder to find those properties at a price that matches what you'll need to pay in order to make a return. You may even spend more time in short sales and note purchase discussions with the banks to pick up properties that have little or no equity built up in them. Yet, it is more than possible to make a profitable return on your investments.

What Rate of Return Should You Look For?
Since the properties out west have been known to sell for outrageous prices you may even be able to get yourself a very big return every once in a while. However, there's nothing wrong with a basic 10 to 15% rate of return on your real estate investments out west either. Just add a couple of zeros to the numbers when you estimate how much money with which you'll be working, since prices are a little bit higher.

Also when you work on real estate investments in places like California, you may wish to consider taking a minimum discount of only 5%. The properties out here tend to appreciate in leaps and bounds. Even if you are only taking the 5% rate of return on a property deal, you'll still end up making more of a return in appreciation of your property.

It is possible to make a profit in the more expensive properties in a higher priced market. You may have to take less of a return on each deal, but if you hold onto the properties for a little while they tend to appreciate in high cost areas and you'll make more profit on the resale of that property.