Hocus Pocus...Your A Millionaire

by : Dan J. Fry

Have you had a look lately at the different number of ways to make money on the internet? Where do you think the largest chunk of advertising to small online businesses is being focused? Ironically enough it is online marketing itself!

The majority of advertisements on the internet today are geared at trying to help people make money online. From joining different types of forced marketing matrices to programs that exist solely to have you make money by signing others up into the program. You make money if people below you stay in the program, and the people below them, etc., and so forth. Does it not seem that small business internet marketing has taken somewhat of a socialist-communistic swing?

Small business entrepreneurs, operating by themselves, selling a highly beneficial product, are only a small piece of the internet marketing pie. Low and behold though, they are the ones that ultimately make the real profits.

The most luring programs today are still MLM. They prey on the whim that "hey, if I get in on this now I can potentially make a reasonable supplement to my current income". The problem with MLM is that unless you come into the program near the top, when it is first released, it is so saturated that both your time and money is burned without a penny made.

Recently, a huge number of MLM programs have surfaced that claim to build you a highly targeted opt-in list of subscribers that will "actually pay you to be on your list". As it is well known that a subscriber list is the way to success on the internet marketing scene, creators of these programs have opened up a feading frenzy for the hungry dying to take a bite towards increased financial freedom. Unfortunately this is another whif of magic.

Imagine this: everyone on your list is now part of the same program, trying to make money through internet marketing. So, although you now have your list, it is practically worthless because everyone is trying to sell the same things to each other. All that has been created is a fee-based safe list. Its as if you are only trying to do business with your competitors.

The only real way to finacial freedom through internet marketing is to find people who are looking for certain goods and supply them with what they need. This could be through your own product development and design, or through affiliate programs. Beware though that many people are affiliate marketers, and you thus must find a niche relatively untouched by the masses.

If you have a look at the people who are really succeeding through online businesses, all the way to the point of making it a full time high paying job, they have all found a niche and can deliver to people time and again exactly what they want. Its not easy, and this is why only a few really reach this stage. So, remember, kick the magician out in the streets and do away with hocus pocus. To really succeed you need time, thought and perserverance. Time and thought to learn and come up the right ideas, and perserverance to act and see your ideas through to the end.