Custom Home Builder Uses Open Book Bids

by : Joe Cline

You have heard about custom home builders; but a home builder with an open book bid? Maybe not. Yet. There's this custom home builder in Texas that has this unique offer: see all the cost list for your dream house. This includes the materials, labor, other incidental costs and the profit of the builder. Celebration Homes is a custom home builder that makes everything transparent to you, the client.

Things you need to know about this custom home builder

Celebration Homes was founded by John Hansel, a builder who has been in the contracting business in Austin since 1976. At that time, he wanted to make a name for himself (and his company) that will make people remember that Celebration Homes is one dependable home builder who will never compromise on quality. No project is too big or too small for Celebration Homes. They want you to know that they will build any home size that you want for any level or amount of budget that you may have with any kind of specification that you may think of. If that is not responsive client-centered service, then what is?

How Open Book Bid is done

When you check out Celebration Homes, John Hansel will start the process by submitting an open book bid to you. So open is the bid that you get to see not only the materials and labor and all their attendant costs, but you also see Celebration Homes' markup and profit in the whole deal. After you agree to the bid, the Celebration Homes team provides you with further options and selections, until you proceed to the actual implementation and construction. John Hansel and his team assure you of their personalized service and close monitoring of the project at every phase.

To live up to the personalized service and monitoring promise, Celebration Homes puts a cap or limit to the number of projects it takes on in a given year, say around six to eight only. This affords John Hansel and his team the time flexibility and availability to really pour their personal attention to each and every project. And time and attention they really do pour in, if they are to pay close attention to each detail, from the shaded entries to the entrance doors, to custom cabinets and woodworking, and other seemingly minute details that they would not want to overlook.

Considering other custom home builders? Why not?

If you want to consider other custom home builders, it would be wise for you to call a realtor now. A realtor can give you full and unbiased assessment about the builder of your choice and can even recommend to you other custom home builders that he thinks will work well with your budget.