The Men Behind the Scene

by : Dr Green


This is Dr.Green. First of all I would like you to sign up at our website for a FREE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT CD. I know you will also enjoy the article there. There will be many more to come along with great offers that we have found to be most profitable and easy to use. I wanted to introduce you to the two men behind the scenes that are making this all possible.

This article will focus on Ryan J. Critch.

Ryan J. Critch

Hi this is Ryan. I am married to Blair and have two wonderful sons, Jeremiah (4), and Noah (2). I began investing in Real Estate 5 years ago and currently own 10 properties. Previously, I worked at Direct Marketing Associates as a Mortgage Lead provider, and did it for 10 years. I decided to become an internet entrepreneur for several reasons. My faith is my number one priority followed closely by my family. Primarily, I wanted to make my own schedule so I could enjoy long weekends and vacations with my family and still be able to work. Now I set my own schedule and don't answer to a boss. WOW! I can't believe I did it. It was always one of my dreams to own my own company, set my own schedule, and still make A LOT of money. I thought I would have to buy a business that had a tangible product and work 80 hours a week. Boy was I wrong! Working from home and being an internet entrepreneur allows you to market other people's products, become affiliates, and you don't have to have a product. Now as we start doing teleseminars and webinars we will be marketing those CD's but for now we don't have a product. As I said my family is the most important thing and if you have small children you know how quickly they grow up and develop their personalities it seems like overnight. So when I was away it was just heartbreaking. During our last vacation I made the leap of faith and started to invest time and money into my Internet Business. Through trial and error I have found the best way to market and drive LARGE amounts of traffic for little upfront cost. I plan to share that with you as time moves on! I would love to learn about you, your interests, your family, and build a friendship so that our businesses grow together. Please email me if you want or if you ever have any questions about products or services.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

Ryan J. Critch