A Guide To Living Abroad

by : Terry Bytheway

Gone are the days of growing up in one place, buying a house, working and remaining there until old age. In our increasingly globalised world with technology, ease of travel and accessibility to different parts of the world, thousands of people daily pack up their old life and move to a country which before they could have only dreamed of. This phenomenon is most widely seen in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and thousands of people daily are taking the plunge and moving abroad. Different parts of the World have so many different things to offer, and it is easier than ever before to sell property, find an ideal location abroad and relocate!

You no longer have to be one of those people believing the grass is greener; you can now experience such a life altering move quite easily. There are numerous agencies in place to aid you, from estate agents to lifestyle advisors, even people to help you locate nearby schools for your children upon your move. It has been estimated that 3,000 Brits daily immigrate to different parts of the world. Many of these are permanent re- locations but with the availability of Travel visa's and so on, many choose to do so for a year or two and get an experience of living abroad.

The European Union has proven to be one of the most popular places to move within, particularly Spain and France. As has Australia and New Zealand, with its Commonwealth roots.

Escaping the hum drum retrace of Britain, ridiculously long working weeks, high mortgage rates, this for many first- time buyers is an impossible task!

Europe is renound for its relaxed way of life, fantastic weather, history and culture, fantastic bargain properties, which no longer have to be rented as a holiday home for two weeks of a year- people are choosing this way of life permanently! There are amazing new 'hot spot' locations proving popular, from Bulgaria, to Malaga and beyond, each city and region with diverse options and price ranges- all in amazing locations with essential amenities and facilities, often of much better standard than your original home!

Your quality of life is easily improvable; the majority of places speak English as a second language so being daunted by a language barrier need not be an issue!

The International property market is becoming ever more fluid so living abroad is not the hassle that it previously was. Your options can be easily assessed on the internet and help is readily available to those of you who are unsure.... Do not be put off by the hassle you perceive in living abroad, seek the help available, assess all your options and start experiencing that fantastic change of culture and lifestyle which may have seemed a distant dream before!

Many people who decide to set up and move abroad do not fully research the areas where they plan to move to, to save your disappointment make sure you do research on the area.