A Holiday Home Can Be an Investment Too

by : Thomas Pretty

It is currently estimated that around two million people in the UK now own a holiday home either in Britain or abroad. It is also predicted that this number will steadily grow in the coming years as increasing numbers of people decide to invest in property. This fact is wholly unsurprising; the lure of having a holiday home in sunnier climbs is hard to dispute. The better weather and laid back lifestyle is clearly attractive to many Brits today.

One of the most popular locations for a holiday home in recent times has been Portugal. The attractiveness of all year round great weather and the spectacular beaches have naturally lead many people to invest in buying a second home in this country. Not only is the better weather a draw, as flights to this country are extremely affordable and the facilities are increasingly improved, it is possible to own a home, that in real times is not even that far away. A couple of hours of travel and it is possible to be in your holiday enjoying a drink by the poolside. Understandably, many have taken advantage of this brilliant situation.

An overseas property is no longer considered purely a holiday home. Today property can be seen as a great investment, allowing the owner to create a useful little nest egg when the time for retirement comes around. Even as property prices fall, having a property abroad bought in the last ten years will undoubtedly generate a profit when it comes to selling. That is of course if you want to sell your home, large numbers of retirees are in fact selling their homes in this country and retiring abroad to enjoy the better way of life, and of course the magnificent weather.

Once you have bought a holiday home, either at home or abroad it is important to decorate and furnish it in such a way that you will be able to completely relax during your stays. This usually includes ensuring you have a good bed and sofa as well as a suitable kitchen that will allow you to cook and accommodate you and your guests comfortably. Overall your holiday home should resemble your home in this country. This is where you are comfortable so by replicating it abroad it really will be a home from home.

Decorating in this manner will not always be advisable however. Many people who own a holiday property in fact rent it to other holidaymakers. This means that your decoration should be neutral as well as comfortable. Renting can earn extra income while you are not staying in your property; remember however that the best profits for renting are made when the season is at its height. It is also advisable if considering renting out your holiday home to hire an agent who will able to organise the renting while you are not there.

If you intend to make a serious amount of profit when renting your property, you must get it out there for holidaymakers to view. The best way to do this is to utilise the internet. While creating your own site may seem the best option it is doubtful you will get much exposure. The best way is to submit your property to listing sites that have a range of properties, it may cost a little extra but the rewards will be great.

A holiday home can be seen as both a brilliant destination for travel and an investment. While you may purely want a property that will allow you to escape the rigours of life on a regular basis the benefits of renting your property out should not be ignored. Naturally this has its downsides as well, such as not being able to visit at any time; but to recoup some of the expenses it is highly advisable. As second properties become evermore popular, be sure to jump on the bandwagon and take a slice of the action.