Surveying The Beaches And Resorts Around Us

by : Jon Caldwell

There is nothing more satisfying than taking a break from the busy schedules of urban life. Dipping into the warm waters of the beach, or having a tan by the cool seashores while drinking lemonade, is every man's fantasy.

Hawaii indeed is an archipelago known for its wondrous beaches. The estate of Hale Kai in Moloka'i Island is located in an isolated area, away from the different disturbances one could think of. A beautiful cottage with warm wood furniture, and the charming ocean view from the cottage's lanai provide a stunning scene to behold.

Ever get tired of going over the different advertisements, hoping to find some good, not to mention quiet, resorts or beaches to spend the summer? And finding out in the latter part of your search that the one you chose is overly polluted by fellow beach lovers?

Worry not, Maira-ira is the answer to your prayers. It is an Island cove found in the Northern tip of the Philippines (Ilocos Norte), boasting of its fine white sand and clear blue waters. You could actually breathe in fresh air since its cottages are of Filipino-style, popularly known as the Nipa huts. You can order grilled fish for dinner or maybe fresh lobsters, whatever it is that suit your palate.

Pollution is one of the major causes of beach front closures in the United States. It can bring about different harmful microorganisms in the shoreline and can infect children, old people and those with weak immune systems. Mostly, the source of these pollutants are humans themselves, whether in a micro basis like throwing trash on the sea waters, or in a macro basis, like sewage wastes from the factories of some companies.

It is important to remember that the world is round. Whatever you do, however small it may seem, will have an effect to the whole ecosystem. It is about time that we think and act right.

The Caribbean area is known for its fantastic beaches, well-preserved marine life (although artificial marine reef are present in some parts of the group of Islands) and delightful tourist spots like the black limestone formations in the Northwest of the Grand Cayman Island known as 'Hell' (because locals say that it pretty looks like hell!).

But of all the beaches present in the Island, the Seven Mile beach in the Western edge of the Grand Cayman stands out. It is crescent in shape and it has been voted as "Caribbean's Best Beach" in the Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. It is home to some of the magnificent hotels and restaurants of the Island.

Daytona is known world wide for its 24-hour endurance races held every year at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida. When those car races are being held, lots of people flock the area for some intense, mean, high-end car overload.

But apart from the Daytona International Speedway, Daytona is known for its beach. It has been branded as "the world's famous beach" since almost 8,000,000 tourists flock Daytona every year. A wide variety of high-end hotels, motels, condominiums and the like are also found in the area. The tight security in the area also allows tourists to wander and see the beauty of the place, any time of the day.