The Things You Have To Consider In Urban Living

by : Jon Caldwell

Apartments are some of the most fire prone structures around due to the close proximity of units and other factors. Apartment complexes should have proper safety equipment and access provisions such as fire escapes, evacuation routes and fire extinguishers at regular intervals specified by law. If you hear a fire alarm (you should also teach all other people who live with you on what to do) go off, never treat it likely for there may be a fire anywhere in your complex so get out as quickly as you can. If the fire is in your unit, check doors for heat by using your hand on the doors and door handle before opening it to prevent it form burning you. Smoke is by far the worst killer, so if smoke is present, head for the floor and crawl out quickly. If the smoke is too much, use a wet cloth as a filter to prevent smoke from getting to you. Leave the rescue work to the fire department for they have the equipment and training to effectively and safely do their jobs.

There are a lot of fires in apartments complexes all over the world and most of them are caused by neglect and poor maintenance. When you do look for apartments to rent, do check for fire safety equipment such as extinguishers and smoke detectors (they are mandatory by law). Also check for evacuation routes (the building owners should have a lay-out planned and posted for all tenants that is also required by law), and other safety equipment and be aware of their proper use. All houses and other forms of dwellings must have alarms and safety equipment so fatalities are avoided. There should also be a fire alarm for large structures such as complexes and condominiums.

An apartment however nice is still subject to a lot of environmental factors and noise is one of them. A well built one will have good insulation that not only saves on cooling and heating bills but also provides ample protection from noise. Noise is one of those annoying truths about living in apartments that one cannot simply tolerate and complaints should be voiced out with your landlord or property manager. The noise levels in such an enclosed space can reverberate and bounce around walls till they lose energy and simply dissipate. Noise from the street from traffic, airplanes and railroads can also contribute to noise pollution.

Any changes to the living conditions to your space should be dealt with promptly and no action by the owner may mean they do not care. If nothing still happens, then start looking for a new space that would be better and have more acceptable noise levels for your needs and privacy. Look for a place nearby to limit the costs on time and effort spent on moving. Also check with the conditions and terms that are stipulated in your contract being careful of any stipulations about noise, that way you get your rights to complain and tell the landlord to do something about noise as they are bound by the contract as you are.