Condo Living And Facts

by : Jon Caldwell

Should you get a "Condominium Consultant"? If you can afford it, yes.

A Condo Consultant is extremely familiar with management and management styles of condo projects in your area. They have working knowledge on condo documents, and experience in haggling with Developers, Realtors, Buyers and Sellers of condo units.

Buying a condo is more complex than it seems because not only are you buying a unit, you're also buying an interest in real estate. This is where the Condo Consultants come in and make it all organized for you.

The problem is, since there are very few of them around, they cost a lot. Usually, their pay start at around $350. Don't worry, it's better to spend early than regret buying the unit in the end.

Before signing everything, you have to read those Condo documents. They don't just make those things for nothing you know.

Although to some, reading it may be a chore, especially if you're uber excited in owning the unit. For example, if you see "no pets" or "no one under the age of 18", but you have a pet Python and a month-old child, then the condo unit is just not for you.

If the document has a lot of legal stuff in it, please consult your lawyer, or (better still) a condo consultant. He or she knows a lot of how these bylaws can be translated to layman English.

The first thing you notice about a condo is the space-or in a better term, the lack of space.

Condo unit owners or renters cannot place large appliances and furnitures in these tight places. They also require them to be as silent as possible, since they'll be sleeping next to it. Besides, bigger is not always better.

People with pets sometimes would rent a sub-standard apartment or condo just to make sure that their beloved are with them. There was a time that pets were an absolute no-no in all condos, but times have changed. Most villa and townhouse condos allow pets more than the high-rise ones.

Do grills and condo mix?

Reality bites, as soon as you transfer to your condo unit, you will start looking for the freedom of owning the garden, and being the "grill queen". Now all you have as space is the condo's sliding door to your mini backyard. You think the days are gone-your grilling days. It may be difficult, but with a grilling apron and ownership of your condominium, you are again on your way to your outdoor grilling. Here are some options.

Most convenient to use is fueling your grill with s gas line from your main line to your grill. This may not be usual though in high rise condos. Sometimes, also, thee are town laws prohibiting this, though there are common gardens where you could do so. If you have common areas or terraces, chances are you will have your chance to grill. And you get to know more your neighbors. Grilling is a social experience, don't you think so?