Dont Fear Your Home Business Competition

by : Jim Kelly

You have taken a great deal of time and put forth effort seeking out a home business opportunity that matches your individual desires, skills and goals. You have registered with a legitimate and supportive program and you have taken the time to create a detailed written business plan for yourself. You have researched promotional methods and strategies and perhaps you have even begun to create your own web site. You feel primed to move forward with the initial steps you have so carefully structured.

One potentially serious pitfall needs to be avoided at all costs. Some new home business entrepreneurs develop a mindset that they “want it all" and perceive all others promoting the same or similar products, services, and opportunities as the “enemy", and they begin to develop a fiercely protective attitude towards their new business. Fear of your competition will not steer you toward your goal of independence; rather it will propel you towards isolation.

I would invite you to take a daring step outside of yourself and reach out directly to those you might perceive as “the competition". In doing so you are highly likely to encounter numerous friendly, helpful entrepreneurs just like yourself, some of whom have made quite a success of themselves with their home business.

There are many sources for seeking out and interacting with similar minded entrepreneurs. The program you have enrolled in no doubt has numerous forums and if not, do a web search for home business forums and make a habit of visiting them and begin to make yourself known. Post your questions, concerns, and ideas in the forums. You will absolutely receive responses from other enthusiastic home business owners. Get to know them individually and exchange email addresses. Strike up friendships and share your goals, methods, and hopes. If you have a web site, swap links.

There is no reason to protect yourself from or avoid others in your field. Those who develop their business with a stance of protectionism and isolationism are likely to remain in isolation and indeed may fail as a direct result. A network of friends and mentors within your field is a tool that you will come to find invaluable as your network will aid you in sharpening your goals, direction, and strategies. The Internet is a vast place and there is ample business for all who are dedicated and apply a well-laid out strategy. Seek out and befriend those in your field. Don’t make the mistake of shunning them. You won’t be sorry