Chinese Commercial And Residential Property - A Good Bet?

by : Gregory Smyth

Residential property prices in Shenzhen (PRC) have rose sharply by about 70% in the first half of this year, according to mainland reports. The Midland Realty survey of 50 selected blue-chip housing estates in Shenzhen revealed that average home prices have surged by a whopping 120% to more than 1,700 Yuan per square foot during the last six months, reducing the gap with residential prices in the northwest of the New Territories across the border.

Given the strong end-user back-up in Hong Kong, a reliable market that offers stable rental returns, numerous mainland investors are looking to park their money with Hong Kong properties. The twin-city story of Hong Kong and Shenzhen will enter a new chapter with the shrinking of the price gap.

The residential property market produced unexpected results in the year of 2007. Occupancy rates and rental levels got excellent boost for all kinds of residential space which indicated consistent strong demand. There were benefits for developers and manufacturers as a handful of business park sites and close to a dozen residential sites were launched.

If you have made up your mind that you are going to invest in the Chinese market, first of all you have to choose the Chinese territory in which you are going to invest. If you take the case of Beijing, office and retail property seems the right choice and rental growth should remain consistent.

Real estate is a profitable sector even in Hohhot where urban land prices had a huge surge because of foreign investment. Chengdu has a fresh investment market with a bubbling young generation waiting in the wings. Property is increasingly becoming cheap and it seems one may not get a better opportunity to invest in Chinese property.

Perform an extensive search in the Chinese market you selected for your investment plans. Always remember that you should be very familiar with your chosen territory rules and regulations regarding foreign investment. This is because these rules can play a very important role in the development of the investment plan you are going to execute in the investment market you selected.

If enough attention is not provided to these rules you could suffer huge losses. Each Chinese territory has got contrasting set of rules and regulations, but almost all are aimed at making the investors feel very comfortable. So you do not have to express deep concerns about these restrictions.

Residential property prices in China promises to stay just about where they are now, for the next couple of years or so. If you are ready to apply the required common sense you can benefit from the Chinese market.