The Technology Influx In Real Estate

by : Jon Caldwell

According to the one of largest real estate surveys that was conducted, technology has transformed how people buy and sell their houses, including the way people work and transact with brokers and real estate agents. The result of the said survey was released last January 16 by the NAR or National Association of Realtors.

The study showed that from 10 house buyers, nine of them worked with an agent in searching a house to buy. But after the surge of Internet Technology, this ratio has increased dramatically from 2% of buyers during 1995 to 77% in 2005. That was a huge rise in just ten years time.

HomeGain, a site known for real estate, had recently introduced a new tool called the Home Sale Maximizer. It allows the user to find the faults in their property so that immediate repair can be done. This method increases the value of their property and hence, could point out its strengths and weaknesses. This feature enables the user to really "maximize" the property or lot he or she wishes to sell.

These sites have provided more than one innovative way on how to increase the value of the real estate industry. Through Technology, the globe experiences better and convenient procedures and services that we never thought would happen decades ago.

Access to the well-known Google Earth had become increasingly beneficial not only to the people of the real estate industry but also for the benefit of the environment. Since its features allow people to see any part of the world, governments have taken notice of how the endangered environment can be saved through the people's awareness.

This feature has been commendable on the site's part. Not only does it uplift one aspect of life but also another. It is versatile and global. This may be the start of globalization. More and more matters have united the different countries into one body. Are you ready for this?

The question now is which site would be best to use? News has spread about Google's taking over the prominent YouTube site for $1.65 billion. Many sites have tried to take over this site for almost half the price Google offered. It seems as though even MySpace and Microsoft cannot go against this site.

Ever since Google's map had come to life, more and more business men and surfers have been drawn to its benefits. People found interest in it. Moreover, they are continuously making many more projects such as the Face Book to storm the industry and take over.

On the contrary, experts have stated that the real estate technology is not at all an enemy of the real estate agent. Instead, it had been called a "friend." Big virtual companies have mentioned that not only the economy is benefiting in this system but also the agents around the world.

How is this so? Big corporations like the Zillow have provided free support programs to the realtors through the listings of data that they may need in their job. Since the system is capable of retrieving such large-scaled data all over the world, they have decided to allow different real estate agents to share with this information. This proved to be helpful because they originally couldn't have gathered this scale of information by themselves.