Reaching Out to Potential Real Estate Clients

by : Craig Berger

It is a buyer's market right now, which means that there is an abundance of houses available, even for the fussiest consumer. With so many choices, it is a difficult process to narrow down the search, besides looking for a reputable real estate agent, finding a home inspector, learning about open houses in the area and so on. Aside from friends and family in the area you want to live in, where can you turn to for advice? Surprising studies show that social media networking and blogging are the new frontiers for information and insight.

Females Blogging As Potential Clients

A survey conducted by Compass Partners LLC, in conjunction with BlogHer, discovered that 36.2 million women read and write in blogs every week. Out of that number, an estimated half believe that blogs are 'highly reliable' or 'very reliable' sources of information and advice on everything, while 40 percent of bloggers believed their biggest impact on the Internet community was 'fostering relationships with like-minded individuals.' This many women talking about various topics, from organic food to beauty products to politics, means that there are also women discussing real estate.

Reaching Female Buyers Through Blogs

What these numbers prove is that not only are women consistently going to the Internet and blogs as a source to gather information from, but also they are using them as constants for news and tips. The advice that a blog gives is considered honest and trustworthy, which means that talking to women about real estate on your blog is a great way to draw them into listings on your site.

How To Reach Female Real Estate Buyers

Setting up a basic blog is easy and free with certain sites. You can link it to your home page so that anyone looking at your listings will see your blog full of suggestions and guidance about the real estate buying process. It is your blog, so talk about anything, from news in the local community to mortgage rates to the best ways to clean kitchen cabinets.

As more people read the information, the more likely the traffic to your site will increase as you gain the trust of blog readers and writers. Attracting female buyers through blogging is just one more way to succeed and gain an edge in the real estate market.