Ways to Improve Cold Calling Strategy for Real Estate Agents

by : Craig Berger

Real estate agents attract clients through open houses, marketing strategies and word-of-mouth. However, as any good salesperson does from time to time, they make 'cold calls,' or random phone calls to potential clients. Learning how to use these dreaded conversations to your advantage will improve your sales skills and possibly earn you some new buyers and sellers.

The Right Attitude For Cold Calling

'Cold calls' is a somewhat disconcerting term for selling a product, and that name association surely affects agents out there. Instead of referring to these phone calls as cold calls, think about what it really is -- a call for leads. Thinking about what you are actually doing by calling people will help you remember your goal of earning new clients.

Having the right kind of attitude is also important before you pick up the phone. While these are sales calls, they are more than that. These calls are an offer for someone to utilize your adept marketing skills and real estate expertise to buy or sell a home. Think about the kind of service that you want to be offered. The person on the other line will be able to tell how much you care when you sound positive, calm and collected in your calls.

Asking Before Selling In Cold Calls

Although it is tempting to launch into all the reasons why this anonymous person should hire you because you are an outstanding agent, it will drive him away. Offering your services is different from imposing them onto someone. Ask if the caller wants to hear more about what you have to say instead of presenting a sales pitch. Using permissive language like 'if you'd like to hear more' puts the caller in control and gives him the opportunity to hear you out or hang up.

Positive Real Estate Agent Thinking

After you establish a connection with a caller, stay focused and talk about the purpose of the phone call. If you cannot get someone to respond to your offer, do not start berating yourself. There will always be rude people and you are better off without them as clients. Likewise, those who say no are not rejecting you as a person or your stellar service, but to anything related to real estate.

Compare the 'no's' to the 'yes's' that you get in response and you will see how valuable you really are as an agent. Remember to tell yourself that being especially close to a deal is still a win, as it is better than straight out dismissal. Cold calls can be scary, but with the right attitude and some practice, you can start converting strangers into clients.