Seniors Deserve Special Care in Their Real Estate Transactions

by : Dw Wilson

There is a niche in the real estate market that deserves some special attention. With a flood of baby boomers retiring and these folks heading into their golden senior years, many are in a position where they'll want to downsize from their larger family home and opt for something smaller.

The good news is there's now a specialized realtor you can solicit for thorough guidance on selling your home and purchasing a new one. SRES are Seniors Real Estate Specialists- a specialty designation of realtors. In most major markets there are several senior specialists to choose from, and there are even more being continually trained and entering as qualified specialists in their field.

It's no surprise that it's easy enough to get overwhelmed after you've lived in the same place for much of your adult life- and these specialists can guide you through some important considerations regarding the sale of your home.

In terms of helping senior buyers it's important for a specialist to truly understand their client's lifestyle needs, and what is effecting their current living situation. Perhaps a couple's current home is very costly to maintain or maybe the style does not make for comfortable living.

There is also a big emotional aspect that needs to be sensitively addressed when helping this age group. They are in the midst of some very big life changes, and approaching the sale of an old and dear home, or the purchase of a new home, means working with great care and diligence. Ideally a client will want to find a realtor who can really help hone in on the positive aspects of these changes and help to find the best new living situation.

If a couple is wanting to move from their existing home and an SRES will have a market evaluation of the home performed as part of their basic service. It is not unlikely that if a couple purchased a house some 50 years ago that the home will have appreciated a great amount. Some couples may not be fully aware of this appreciation, and it's a good thing to have a specialist who can over the details of this market evaluation.

Another service an SRES is equipped to offer is a full financial evaluation that'll include a thorough discussion of investment objectives, capital gains taxes, equity-conversion strategies and any other implications concerned with the sale of the property in question.

SRES will also guide seniors to narrow down what are the necessary and most important elements in their next move. Examples of such elements may be proximity to quality medical care, or to family and friends, security concerns, or perhaps the purchase of a home within an over 55 complex.

The most important difference in working with an SRES is the agent's focus on counseling and guidance, moreover than a quick sale. It's advised that seniors who are scouting for an SRES or regular realtor take the time to interview several candidates. You'll want to find someone who is truly willing to listen to all your concerns, ask all the right questions and to help you along with this new and important step in your life.