Generate Real Estate Leads With Your Fax Machine

by : Cole Stevens

Your fax machine can still be a valuable lead generation and selling tool. Though it may seem like yesterday's technology, the ability to send and receive faxes can be very helpful to your real estate business. Keep reading for several fax advertising methods still used by many real estate agents today.

800# Lead Generators

An 800# system allows users to call and receive fax-on-demand information about you, your business, your current housing listings, newsletters or any special offers you're currently advertising.

The caller's number is then captured in a database and made accessible to you as a potential lead. In addition, your caller has already received your marketing materials via fax.

Several companies provide this service free of charge, including the Realty Star Proquest 800# Lead Generator service (). Their package has a set up cost of almost $300, an ongoing monthly fee of $29.95 and then a reasonable per-minute billing of about 18.9 cents per minute.

Basic Fax Advertising

Basic fax advertising involves sending out blind faxes to contacts. Essentially, you subscribe to a fax directory, provide them with your fax advertisement and they send it out for you. Unfortunately, this method is neither targeted, nor very effective and may actually be illegal in some states - in essence, another form of hated spam.

Maintaining Contact With Networks

Most savvy real estate agents have long-term relationships set up with contractors, tradespeople, mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, bankers and other housing industry professionals.

Faxing can be a great way to maintain that relationship and get out of your contact's email trash bin. Send a monthly fax with an update of your business, current listings and a little note letting them know you're thinking about them. This kind of proactive, targeted fax marketing can lead to actual leads from people who might already be considering a real estate purchase.

Fax Broadcast Software

Fax broadcast software lets you send one message to multiple recipients through your fax. By setting up a distribution list of your own fax contacts, you can use your fax broadcasting software to automatically send it off while you focus on other business.

Popular software solutions include Broadcast Fax (), Impact Fax Broadcast (), and FAXCOM (), which is also a digital, paperless fax provider.

Know the Law

The FCC has a number of laws surrounding fax advertising, all protected under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Junk Prevention Act. Essentially, it is illegal to send unsolicited fax advertisements, but you can send to people with whom you have an existing business relationship.

Even with those whom you already have a connection, you must be careful when sending them any unsolicited literature. Though it is legal, there is still the practical need to avert annoying people with yet another form of junk mail. Having said that, faxing information tastefully and less frequently can result in positive responses from even a few people who can become clients and make the effort worthwhile.

For more information on the laws surrounding fax advertising, including the definition of an established business relationship, read the FCC's Fax Advertising website at