Getting Your Family Involved With a New Neighborhood

by : David Kent

Being the new family on the block can be difficult for any family. Not knowing who your neighbors are or what they are like leaves all members of the family a little uncertain. Who will the kids play with? Who will we have backyard gatherings with? Will I be able to borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbor? All these questions are completely valid and usually cross your mind at one time or another.

The best way to help adjust to a new place is simply by making the effort yourself. When you see a neighbor outside, give them a wave and a smile. By doing this you will show that you are approachable and help that neighbor feel comfortable around you. Although life is hectic with the move, take a few hours off and take a loaf of bread or some cookies to your surrounding neighbors. Tell them how happy you are to be a part of the neighborhood and look forward to getting to know their family.

Another great way to adjust is to find out what community or neighborhood projects are currently happening. Get your hands dirty and find out what you can do to be a part. Life is busy for everyone and most people would gladly welcome any assistance that is offered. Volunteer a couple hours a week at the local elementary school. Whether it’s Boy Scouts or the PTA, involving yourself will help you make friends very quickly.

When weather permits, get outside and make yourself known. Turn the TV off for a few minutes and take a walk or a bike ride together around the neighborhood. Stop to talk to those you pass by. If you see a neighbor who needs a little help, make it your family’s priority to offer that assistance. Mowing the lawn or raking leaves go a long way in establishing relationships with others.

If you wait for others to approach you, your family could miss out on a lot. Be assertive and step out of your box. It may be slightly uncomfortable to do so at first, but before long you will find yourselves surrounded by scores of friends and activities.