Make Money in Real Estate

by : Brad Wozny

There are horrendous stories that you hear about people who have lost a fortune playing in the stock market. There are also people who have made money investing in the stock market. But have you ever heard of any person losing a fortune in the real estate market? That's is quite impossible. Real estate is looking up and those who have invested wisely in real estate a long while ago, are getting good returns on their investments.

Nobody has actually revealed the amount of money they have made by putting their money in the real estate market. But if they did not make money, they wouldn't be investing isn't it? The reason why many people are not going into real estate business is because you need to have a nose for running a business.

Real estate investments, while giving you financial freedom, take up a lot of your time. When you rent out your properties, you should be prepared for good and bad tenants. You will have to manage a lot of running costs like heating expenses and costs for renovations. These are recurring costs. The income you receive from renting out your property should be able to offset a part of your debt, meet your recurring costs and leave enough for your expenses. When you invest in real estate, there will capital appreciation combined with income from rentals.

There is also money to be gained by buying property, refurbishing it and selling it. There will always be an increase in the value of the property when it is renovated. This is another way of making money in real estate investments. Real Estate investments also give tax benefits. Interest expenses and repair expenses are tax deductible.

Most real estate investments start with the investor buying a house to rent it out. For this strategy to be successful, the rental income should be higher than your mortgage expenses otherwise you would land up with negative cash flows.

Another way to make money in the real estate market is to buy a house in an area which is buzzing with potential. Do it up and it will fetch you a price higher than what you had to pay to own the property.

You could also look for leasing property. This is basically property, which is not owned by you but is controlled by you. You can sublet or sublease the property and get a good income.

When you start investing in real estate, there are bound to be mistakes. You may encounter problems. However, time is the best teacher. Over a period of time you will learn the ropes and will be a seasoned real estate investor. All you require is patience, hard work, an ability to plan. You should be prepared to study the market, scent properties which have potential for capital appreciation or good rentals, have the ability to negotiate buying the properties and entering into contracts and getting finance for these property deals. It does take time, but the returns it gives you will more than make for the time, money and hard work you have spent over it.