Get a Modern Home - Build a Custom Modular Home

by : Bo Von Brockdorff

A custom modular home can be one of the most amazing dwellings that anyone will ever see or own. These homes are made to fit a person's lifestyle and, even though they are factory built homes, they are so beautiful on both the inside and the outside that no one will be able to tell that they were made by a modular home builder. A good place to begin looking for custom modular homes, as well as custom floor plans, is on the internet.

The internet site,, is a great place to find many different options for customized modular homes and builders. This site has options available for all states across the country, and has everything from regular homes to custom modular homes. The Double Eagle is currently the featured custom home on this site, and it is very similar to the one that HGTV gave away recently. You can also find other amazing, top of the line, custom modular homes featured there. In addition to offering modern homes, this website also lists local builders who are capable of producing them.

A great dealer that specializes in making custom modular homes for people is Penn Lyon. The main company is located in Pennsylvania, but they can help anyone have an outstanding custom modular home built in a matter of months. These homes are beyond what anyone would normally consider to be a factory built home. They range from huge log homes to seaside cottages that can be built anywhere a person wishes.

A custom modular home can ensure that one has a beautiful home for less than one would normally spend on a site built dwelling. People have a misconception about modular homes, but abodes such as these can help overcome any mistaken beliefs. A modular home, made to the client's specifications, can give a person the home of their dreams in just a matter of months if they are willing to take a chance and invest in a modular home for themselves and their family.