The Ultimate Re-sale Check List

by : Leslie Eskildsen

When it comes to selling your homes there are numerous little details that'll help boost the re-sale value of your home and fetch you the best price for your sale. Although you may not be able to attend to them all, here's a master list to keep you motivated and inspired as you prep your property for a successful sale:

General Notes

- A general consideration throughout the whole of your home is to minimize your personal, "stuff". This means de-cluttering and possibly moving a lot of extra stuff that takes up valuable space into storage. No kidding, this simple task will do wonders to bring your home up to showing snuff.

- Another general note, is cleanliness. You want your home pretty much sparkling for viewers. So wash those walls, get in behind strange and unknown corners, and find all the gleam under the grime.

- This related to cleaning- but do make sure to de-odorize your home. If there is any hint of mildew, discover the source and eradicate it. Use non-invasive hypoallergenic cleaning products if possible. Spray the home with an organic room spray- something light and fresh and not too pungent.

- Fix small repairs, including squeaky doors, leaky faucets, and loose door handles. These minor repairs add up in the mind of a potential buyer- so attend to the details and you'll create a glowing bigger picture impression of your home.

Notes on The Outside of Your Home

- Tidy and and de-clutter your garage and all around your home.

- Power wash your home and deck.

- Clean out drains and gutters.

- These days, many buyers won't stop when they pass your home if the landscaping is not up to a certain standard. Make sure you've put effort into yours. Small improvements like foot paths and accent lighting can make a lot of difference. One nicely placed park bench that takes advantage of a view or a nice area of the yard can be enough to enliven a space.

- Think about replacing the front door or painting it. Hang an intriguing piece as a sign of welcome. Potted plants around the front door can give a nice inviting feel as well.

- Your lawn should be green and clipped. It doesn't have to be overly manicured, but should really look its best for your viewers.

Notes on The Inside of Your Home

- The front entranceway can easily be overlooked- but shouldn't be! This is another key part of the first impression of your home, and you'll want it to be inviting and a cohesive part of the rest of your home's showing. Tiles or wood are a good choice for the flooring. But, if you have to work with whatever you have, then make sure it's clean, and try to tie in the paint color of the walls with the floors. Having nice feature lighting fixture can add a lot to this greeting room as well.

- Moving onto the kitchen. Ah, yes, this is an important re-sale room as you may well know. If your kitchen is drab and obviously outdated this could be a problem. However, there are relatively minor tweaks you can do if this is the case. Have your cupboards re-faced or re-furbished and the hardware replaced with something new and modern. Replace your counter top with granite slab or at the very least a clean, new looking counter top. Replace the kitchen faucet set, paint the walls and see how your kitchen looks now!

- In the bathroom some simple changes can makeover a problem room. A new toilet seat and pedestal sink are easy enough and not too hard on the budget. Again a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. If your tub is really down and out, consider a prefabricated tub and shower surround. Now add some fresh new towels and colorful, modern accents and your bathroom will have great, new appeal.

- If you have carpet throughout the house, consider having it professionally cleaned. You'd be amazed at the difference it can make. In many cases it comes up looking like new!

- Assess the lighting situation throughout your entire home. Buyers area attracted to homes with ample natural light, but you can assist your home by making sure there is enough quality lighting throughout. Again, having some accent fixtures can be a nice touch. Consider one for the dining room.

- Have your furniture and artwork set up mindfully and in way that showcases and highlights the best features of each room. If your furniture is old, or you don't have any suitable artwork, you might consider renting some- or hiring a professional staging company to help guide you through this process.

Do your best to check off everything on this list and you'll be on your way to a top dollar sale for your home!