How To Make The Best Of Your Property When It Goes Up For Sale

by : Thomas Pretty

When you are putting your property up for sale there is often the worry that it will sit on the market for a long period of time. There are ways however when your property is for sale to reduce the time it spends waiting for a buyer by adopting certain methods. So if you are looking for a quick and easy sale of your property you should read the following tips.

The first step when putting your property up for sale should be to consider where your target market lies. This is simply thinking about what kind of buyers are likely to be interested in your home. By making this realisation it will be possible to market your property effectively by focussing on the wants and needs of this group of people. For instance; if your property is likely to attract young professionals then creating an office space will make your property more appealing. When doing this however it pays not to forget other potential buyers, you should try and market effectively without alienating other groups of buyers.

One piece of practical advice when putting your property up for sale is to keep it tidy and neutral. You may love the photos and ornaments that are in your house but by taking them away you give the buyers the impression they could move in tomorrow. In addition to this you should de-clutter the hallway as much as possible; as most houses enter onto a hallway, by making this space as large and welcoming as possible you improve the first impressions that buyers will have of your home.

In the same way, the colour schemes in your property should be as neutral as possible for similar reasons. The striking colours that have made your home personalised to you are not going to be attractive to buyers. By using neutral colours it gives the impression that the buyers will have a blank canvas when they move in. It can also go a long way to revitalising tired surfaces subsequently showing that a property is in a good condition.

If you think that redecorating may be too much effort to speed up the sale of your property the least you can do is clean up extensively. It is good advice to hire an industrial cleaner to clean the soft furnishings such as sofas, curtains and carpets. When cleaning you should also focus on the kitchens and bathrooms as these are two of the most important rooms for buyers when they are viewing a property. In addition you should also clear your wardrobes as these are often checked for storage space, ideally you should move all unessential items into the loft.

If you do one deep clean when your property goes up for sale the cleaning tasks will be made easier when it comes to the time of viewings. Before every viewing you should make the effort to sweep up and give the house a once over; especially important is the hallway and lounge areas. Other ways you can make the most of viewings is to give any pets to the neighbours to look after for the day whilst ensuring any hair is thoroughly cleaned. While the smell of freshly made bread may be an overused tactic, ensuring the property is sufficiently aired and you do not smoke inside before the viewing is essential. Also, if you have a parking space assigned to your property, move your car and leave it for the buyers, this will add to their first impressions of your home.

By following this advice from the moment your property goes up for sale you should be able to speed up the whole viewing and selling process. Fundamentally you need to present your property in its best possible light; by making the best of its assets you will hopefully convert those viewings into a sale. Keep these tips at the forefront of your mind all the way through the selling process and you should be able to sell up and move on in no time.