Red Sea Property in Egypt

by : Mr. Anant

Some would consider a Red Sea property to have limited potential, but our twelve months worth of painstaking research into this country has provided us with a very positive view of buying a property in Egypt.

Yes, the new property market in Egypt can still be considered as emerging, but it is a market that has all the right factors in place to sustain long-term success and is certain to see strong price-gains in the not-too-distant future, making an investment property in Egypt a prudent and shrewd move.

Thanks to Egypt’s flourishing tourist industry, a Red Sea property is also a sound investment, although this may seem to fly in the face of public opinion. The Red Sea alone attracts up to five million visitors a year and has experienced an annual increase in property prices of up to 30%.

Although this figure fell by a quarter at the start of the Iraq War, it seemed to recover without even drawing a breath and thanks to heavy discounts and seemingly more courageous travellers, the five million figure has now been exceeded. By 2011, the figure for international arrivals is predicted to be around 13.4 million. Egypt’s tourism is its premier foreign currency generator, earning about $4 billion per annum.

Currently, property prices in Egypt are incredibly low but the persistence of its tourist economy indicates that they will rise sharply in certain areas. Thanks to our diligence and research, we have secured stakes in many of these potential hot-spots and can now make them available to our clients who can take advantage of the current market prices and optimise returns on their investments for years to come.