Is There Life North Of Paris

by : Catherine Harvey

There used to be a saying about how a job could be for life. Many people would follow the profession of their parents, staying in the same area all their lives, raising children, passing on their skills and never venturing very far from home.

In today's climate, this is no longer the case. There is a huge difference in wages, not just around the UK, but around the world and people often travel to where the work is. Families are separated not just by a few miles but by oceans. But communication is still good given the facilities that we have these days and people are often moving their families to other countries to find an affordable property to call home.

When combining the two, some people buy a property that comes under the French leaseback scheme. This allows you to run a business as well as purchasing property and comes with many tax benefits. There are French leaseback properties available throughout France for people to invest in and it is a good idea, if you can afford to, to purchase one of these in Northern France.

When most people think of moving to France, they think Provence, they think long, hot lazy days spent sipping wine and buying cheeses. But there is so much more to this country, including the North. Understandably, the climate in the North is not it's biggest attraction as it is pretty much the same as the UK but there are many more pluses to it.

For those in the UK that currently commute into the City to work, a French leaseback property in Northern France means that they would have the benefit of an extra income as well as still being a mere one hour from London - closer and quicker than if you lived in, say, Devon or Cornwall. So, what is the incentive in Northern France that makes it worth the effort of re-locating to a different country?

For a start, property is cheaper than in the UK or in the South of France. Beautiful towns of American style villas and perfect lawns abound among a population that cares about their surroundings. Hardelot-Plage is one such town. It boasts competitively priced properties with great horse riding opportunities, two championship golf courses, forests and miles and miles of golden beaches with sailing, wind and kite surfing and sand yachting.

If an investor wanted to keep working in the UK, or stay close to family over here, they could purchase a French leaseback property in the North of France, be easily accessible to the UK or live in the UK and provide themselves with the ideal weekend getaway with plenty of outdoor activities. Buying a property that they could then retire to later on works out as a good investment, not just financially, but for a quality of life to look forward to.

For those who already run their own business in the UK, buying a French leaseback property in he North of France can have added benefits. Combined tax laws mean that finances can be brought together and one lot of tax paid, giving enormous savings and making your investment even more worth while.
If in any doubt, why not take a look at properties in this area. It's worth getting off that train and having a look round the immediate area rather than heading straight for the South.