Following the Snowbirds...

by : Nelson Stewart

It seems that summer is finally here and we are all enjoying the warmth, relaxation and ease of life in the sun. Wouldn't it be nice if it could carry on like this? Right through November and December and on....well... it can!

Some clever North Americans already wave goodbye to the northern climes as soon as the barometer starts dropping! They get out the maps and plot their course, picking a different route each time to enjoy the uniqueness of the many towns and different states on route. Anticipating and planning the journey is a fun part of the 'getaway'. Many people spend a good week or so just slowly winding their way down to their secret winter Paradise.

They have discovered the secret to avoiding arthritis and wheezy coughs! They have discovered the easy life in Arizona.

Living in Arizona for the winter is not just like living at home when it is warm - it is actually better because the fun is laid on! Many resort clubs, such as Palm Gardens in Arizona will accommodate your own RV (or offer accommodation) in a beautifully landscaped, gated community.

Palm Gardens Arizona 55 + Community is one of several resorts that offer a stimulating lifestyle that provides numerous activities and events for your enjoyment. These activities are offered as well as the normal facilities which include clubhouses, heated swimming pools, a fitness center, games courts, Internet access, bingo and a library.

You will be conveniently situated close to the shopping and attractions of Mesa, which include such cultural delights as flea markets, museums, golf courses, restaurants and art galleries. And if that all sounds too much like hard work, you can just sit around poolside and relax away a warm winter.

The golf courses and swimming pools offer easy and safe ways to exercise. The majority of the clubs have an age limit which means that everyone who stays there will be roughly in the same age group. Could this mean no 'rap' music within earshot?

Travelers who arrive in their own RVs can always take a spin out and know that their space will be waiting for them when they get back. Apart from the unique backdrop of desert life and foliage, you can also explore petrified forests with lush foliage and majestic desert canyons.

Many of the get-away resorts become so popular that the same guests return each year on a regular basis. This means a whole different social life is renewed each winter as friends from all over the world meet up.

If you prefer the peaceful life, then solitude is easy to find in the unspoilt environment of Arizona. If you need some extra 'down-time', nothing nurtures like the peace and beauty of an Arizona sunset.