Online Nursing Continuing Education - Right for Working Nurses

by : Ekta Jain

Nurses can earn Continuing Education credit by attending conferences, seminars, workshops, or by enrolling in online nursing continuing education courses. One Continuing Education Unit is equivalent to ten contact hours. A contact hour is defined as 50 consecutive minutes of participation in a class or activity approved by a nursing board.

Apply For An Online Course

There are numerous accredited online nursing continuing education courses available at very reasonable rates. You can complete the online nursing education courses from the comforts of your home. No need to sacrifice your working hours. Completing an online nursing continuing education course is very easy. Simply choose the course and study it. Then you pass the test and complete the evaluation form. After this you can register and pay the fee. Then you can print the certificate showing successful completion of the course.

In this competitive world, it is simply not enough to have a single degree. To maintain your competitiveness in the workplace, you have to continuously educate yourself. Online nursing degree programs are designed for working nurses to help them evolve in their careers. There are various nursing degree programs available at all levels. You can pursue a diploma, BSN, MSN, or a doctoral program from the comforts of your home and without sacrificing a single hour of work. If you already have a BSN degree, you can pursue an online nursing master degree and become a leader in your profession. There is no shortage of schools offering online nursing education programs.

The changing scenario in the nursing field would make online nursing continuing education degree programs more important for working nurses. Nurses need to put in long hours at work. Along with that they have families to take care of. This makes it impossible for most of them to earn a degree through a regular nursing college. Online nursing degree programs have not only met the educational aspirations of thousands of working nurses, but have also provided the healthcare industry with trained nurses. Without the online programs, the shortages of nurses would have been more acute.

Times have sure changed. There was a time when online education was looked down upon. Today online degrees are offered in every field. Many employers strongly encourage their nurses to pursue online nursing continuing education programs. Online programs have become a convenient means of advancing one's career. Online education is not education made easy but education made convenient. The idea behind online nursing degree programs is to provide education to working nurses so that they can grow in their professional fields.