Start a Home Based Business? When Is The Best Time?

by : Rebecca Gilbert

I’m often perplexed at the number of people that I see start home based businesses on the Internet and then give up on the idea shortly afterward. The usual excuse is that they don’t have the time or don’t have the money to invest.

Starting a business on the Internet is somewhat like having children…if you wait until you have plenty of time and lots of money, then you will probably never have any.

When I started my home business, I didn’t have a lot of extra time and I certainly didn’t have a lot of extra money. I was still working a full time job when I started my business, and I made time for my business by simply cutting out the two hour television time that I enjoyed each evening and opted to work on my business instead.

This two hours a day that I got to invest towards building my business certainly didn’t win me any fast track records as far as turning a profit, but that was the best I could do while still working full time and raising my family.

I had made a conscious decision that I would rather have a home business and be financially independent “someday" rather than never.

Finding the money to invest was not a big issue for me, because running an internet business is very cheap compared to running a traditional business. I didn’t have a product to sell, so I joined an affiliate program on the Internet that allowed me to sell their products and make commissions. The membership fee for this program was 29.95 a month. Then I needed my own website in order to promote these products and that cost me 29.95 also. I knew that I would have another $60 a month going out of my income while I was still trying to build my business, and probably wouldn’t have that much coming in for several months.

So as usual, my good business sense took over and I looked at my household expenses and decided what I could do without. The easiest choice was my lunch expenses. Every day for years I had went out to lunch and spent at least $5 daily. Instead I opted to bring my own lunch to work and saved myself approximately $150 dollars a month.

Now you realize why I become perplexed when someone tells me that they don’t have the time or the money to start their businesses. I often find myself reading between the lines and coming to the realization that they simply don’t want to.

Starting a home business is about sacrifices, and as you can see I made some sacrifices that really didn’t hurt my lifestyle in the least, and I’m sure if you look at your schedule and your financial commitments that you can also find some things that can be easily replaced so that you can start your own home business.

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