How to Enhance Sales with Ebooks

by : Diana Barnum

Are people interested in ebooks? And if so, what are the best ways to sell them?

The following statistics reported by the Open eBook Forum, a non-profit organization for the electronic book publishing industry, definitely show an interest in ebooks. Note the Forum boasts members like Microsoft Corporation, Adobe Systems, McGraw-Hill, Random House, Simon & Schuster and other top companies.


  • Random House, Inc.'s eBook revenues doubled year-over-year in 2001 and during the latest quarter ending in March, revenues were the highest since the company began selling eBooks in 1998.

  • HarperCollins' eBook imprint, PerfectBound, has sold more eBooks in the first five months of 2002 than in all of 2001.

  • Average monthly downloads of Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader have increased by approximately 70% from 2001 to 2002.

  • Simon & Schuster has seen double-digit growth in eBook sales from the first half of 2001 to the first half of 2002.

  • Over 5 million copies of Microsoft Reader have been distributed for use on desktop, notebook and Pocket PC systems.

  • Palm Digital Media reports that nearly 180,000 eBooks were sold in 2001, a more than 40% increase from 2000.

  • In 2002, McGraw-Hill Professional eBook sales are up 55% over the same period last year.

Some tips on the best ways to sell ebooks? Ebooks are among the top selling products at, an Ohio-based company that helps businesses worldwide with marketing, public relations and freelance writing services. Here is what works best for them.


I. ANNOUNCE YOUR EBOOKS Let everyone know that you sell ebooks. Announce the news in a press release, add links in your email signature file, add special links on your websites. Include information about them in your company ezines or newsletters (print and virtual),mail out postcards announcements and bookmarks featuring your bookstore link, include them in your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and classifieds. Add them to your phone script, your direct mail packages, your sales letters, your voicemail recording, the Thank-You page that appears or is emailed after shopping cart purchases. Discuss them on forums, write about them in emails and postal letters to clients, friends and associates. Don’t stop communicating about them.

II. BECOME INVOLVED Use the ebooks yourself and put their information to use. Add specials with them; place some contents in autoresponders for sampling: . Contact the author for a brief interview for your company newsletter. And update your ebooks regularly or simply join a wholesale company like the one here$ where at least two new ebooks come out monthly for you to add to your store automatically. If your ebooks just sit and collect cyber-dust, so will your sales.

III. CYBER – TOUR Conduct cyber-tours one-on-one with your clients. Get on the phone and have them click on the business section and browse along with you while you point out selections of interest. Personalize their experience and invite them to bookmark the site and return to download some ebooks in your “Freebies" section, good to have especially for those who may not know much about ebooks and would benefit from trying some first.

So add ebooks to your product and service lines from a progressive company like does from here:$. Then both your clients and you will have the opportunity to learn more, keep up with the latest information and enhance sales.

To learn more top tips and receive them on a regular basis at no charge in your email, sign up at today or email . Enjoy no-cost ebooks from the “Freebies" section of their bookstore at

* From eBooks by the Numbers: Open eBook Forum Compiles Industry Growth Stats,, New York, NY, July 22, 2002.


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