3 Volvo Concept Cars to Be Unveiled at Sema Show

by : Kenneth Mckinley

The Sin City, which is known for its surprises, will be sheltering three remarkable concept cars from Volvo. The revelation of said concept cars will be held at the 2006 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show. The show will run start this coming October 31 and is scheduled to end on November 3. At the SEMA show, Volvo will showcase three highly modified C30's built by Evolve, ipd and Heico Sportiv, the latest concept cars from the renowned automaker.

Evolve, ipd and Heico Sportiv, were given modifications and enhancements to effectuate sleek, sporty and vivacious cars. Custom fabrications which include race inspired engine enhancements, powerhouse audio-visual systems, catchy interior and exterior as well as modifications to to create eye-popping vehicles.

Evolve's design is influenced by the all-new Volvo C30. It exudes modern style and performance to satisfy the desires of the new generation of car enthusiasts around the globe. Evolve also emphasized the combination of having motorsports technology and a cutting-edge design. Amazing performance plus dramatic aesthetics make Evolve a looker.

SEMA show will also unravel one great appetizer named ipd. Said car carries a horsepower turbocharged powertrain and manipulates it to about 400 horsepower with software upgrades and a belt-driven supercharger. ipd blends its curvaceous body with a fully adjustable coil over suspension, alloys and rubber. The brakes are also made more versatile making braking and accelerating easy. On its exterior, a wild Swedish flag themed paint is featured. The car is also equipped with leading-edge mobile electronics package by Alpine and Apple with native i-Tunes technology.

Heico is a versatile and sporty version of Volvo C30. The car was designed and built to cater to the needs and whims of outdoor enthusiasts. It comes in a distinctive European styling, power and handling. Nevertheless, Heico has retained its functionality and durability that can withstand weather changes. To complete the appeal of Heico Sportiv, Heico merged with Burlington Vermont-based Burton Snowboards.