Your Thinking To Breed Success

by : Dave Jones

There is a place in the Northern Hemisphere where the night time dark remains most of the year and the sky is showcased by a flickering light show. You would all know this well as the Northern Lights.

This is the Artic at its very best and worst because the cold and winds collaborate to bring together one of the harshest environments one could imagine. It speaks well of the humanity who dwell there, albeit few in number, that they religiously celebrate each years return of what begins as a four month long sunny period.

This one occasion warrants attention and a special holiday so with deck chairs resplendent, the locals champion the cold to casually gather and watch the sun make its first tentative 25 minute pass of many more appearances. So begins day one of a very short summer, and with a community revitalized by sunlight, they party with every bit as much lunacy as any new years eve.

So, what is it that makes a people remain and challenge the very hardships such a place holds? That they should muster time and again some inner fortitude to while away those sub zero temperatures. When out of all places one could end up, for whatever reason, they choose to eke out an existence in one of the bleakest landscapes on our Earth?

The mind is a truly wonderful mechanism and when called upon, can adapt to just about any situation shaping the very best outcomes for those with a purpose. The thing is, and it's in each of us, it’s entirely up to us how we control and apply our minds.

There are lots of external factors and most of those you'll have absolutely no control over, like the number of times you might sight the sun in a year; for example. The way you look at these challenges is everything and the more positive your view the greater your confidence within yourself and the better your likely prospects. But that's not the entire picture.

Think back to that last time you felt over the moon about something you did exceptionally well, and it doesn't necessarily need to be as a result of any particular effort on your part. I'm sure you've been there, in that place where you're on pure adrenalin because something has gone unbelievably well. Ready to take on any challenge. That hole in one on the golf course or at least a no effort golf swing that travels for miles or even that special result in an exam.

Now imagine if you could apply that same euphoria to everyday happenings. Well, there's nothing that your mind won't accept if it's repeated often enough over and over. Problem is that we generally tend to focus on the not so good. There it is in a nutshell, what your mind is used to seeing is how it will ultimately operate. I mean to say, how would you cope at our earlier sun watching celebration if the cold was too much of a challenge?

Giving up is not something I really have in me and it really stems from wanting to change and improve things until I'm happy with them. I mention this because if you're starting out in a business there will be times of frustration where you'll think nothing is working or going right. Bottom line though, you can only get better. From where ever it is that you actually start, the chances are you will only get better, and over time most always you will improve further.

It's fairly important then to apply as many of those good things that make us see that special place, into our normal day to day thinking; so that they then become the normal rather than highlights. A series of holes in one if you will.

This applies not only in your business dealings mind you, but into every facet of living because it's exactly this mindset that uplifts and brings success. The trick is to place it on auto pilot and keep it there.

So if you ever need a reference to stay your mind from an unshakeable negative, spare a thought for our erstwhile inhabitants in our Artic North and find yourself a better place that works for you.

Take a few minutes each hour and progressively go over all of those things that are good and right with you. In no time at all you'll have that sun coming up at the end of a long hard winter....and it will be all that you see. Apply that to your business and there's no conceivable frustration that will derail you from getting ahead.