Volvo Receives New Safety Awards

by : Terry Brown

It looks like yet another real victory for the car manufacturer Volvo. And this does not only mean a real good win for the company but it actually also is a real piece of evidence and proof of what the company has done for the market.

Armed with the best that the company could ever produce, Volvo Cars has continually sent out vehicles and automobiles that are safe for everybody to use. In fact, even if you do not yet add in additional safety features like or to these Volvo vehicles, the automobiles still continue to provide the best kind of safety that people would like to have from their travel machines.

Just most recently, the company has been recognized for such through two awards. These awards were given out by the 2006 Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards. And as per the records of these safety awards, Volvo has already accumulated nine of this recognition since the awards were given out.

So what are the two awards that Volvo received from the 2006 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award? Well, the first one is actually all about the company's contribution to spreading road safety. The second one is for the Volvo Blind Spot Information System, or the BLIS.

The safety program, which paved the road towards Volvo's receiving an award, is actually the Volvo Child Safety campaign and it is a whole program of actually sending out information and enlightening people on child safety. The company has created various ways of reaching out to the public like through a booklet that they call the Children in Cars as well as an information pack called Young Families which is targeted for expectant parents. All of the pieces of information that Volvo has shared through this program are all actually from the type of car seats and accessories that they have tested for carrying children with safety through travels. As also part of this program, Volvo has also sponsored The Baby Show in various states.
As per the second award, the BLIS is actually quite innovative for it actually helps drivers know if there are vehicles or other objects that can be invisible due to the driver's blind spot.