The Greenest Bmw Arrives

by : Jennifer Dylan

BMW aims to showcase its fuel viability in a brand new sedan dubbed as Hydrogen 7. Said vehicle is the greenest, most advanced and at about half a million dollars - it is definitely the most expensive BMW ever built. However, if you are one of the lucky few chosen by the automaker, it will be loaned to you for free.

The automaker earlier made 25 to 30 BMW Hydrogen 7 prototype sedans to be offered to chosen politician, scientist, business leader, media member or celebrity around the globe who BMW thinks can best campaign hydrogen as an alternative fuel for the auto market.

Also, a total of 100 of Hydrogen 7 sedans will be distributed around the globe to countries in Asia and Europe in addition to the United States. In Europe, lucky individuals must lease Hydrogen 7 sedan for a fixed amount in accordance with the law of the land. The automaker hopes that the production version of the vehicle will be on sale by 2020.

used in Hydrogen 7 are more advanced that the conventional. When it comes to appearance, Hydrogen 7 is identical to the top-of-the-line BMW 760Li ultra-luxury sedan, for which it took the 6.0-liter 12-cylinder engine and other spoiling amenities. These plus the environment-friendly nature of the car made it more than desirable.

Also, auto parts BMW in Hydrogen 7 incorporated an internal combustion engine which is capable of running on both gasoline and hydrogen. It can run the car about 435 miles with both tanks full and 124 miles on hydrogen alone.

"The public often sees hydrogen and hybrids in the same way, as green vehicles," said BMW's director of traffic and the environment, Dr. Klaus Scheurer. "But hybrid technology alone does not solve the problem of sustainable mobility."

With regards fueling, Pierre Gauthier, hydrogen director for Air Liquide - the French energy giant noted, "The availability of fueling is really an issue with the retailers." He further added that his company is ready to provide hydrogen for vehicles either in gaseous or liquid form. Right now, he continued, these retailers are leaning toward hydrogen gas, which could complicate BMW's liquid hydrogen hopes.