Evolvolution is His Solution

by : Glady Reign

The Evolve, an enthusiast's company owned by Don Nicholson, 35, injects Volvo philosophy to pave way for a distinct set of product lines. The company is now busy working on products for Volvo's newest pride - the C30.

The Volvo C30, a three-door, four-seat hatchback powered by I4 and I5 engines, was officially unveiled at the 2006 Paris Motor Show. It is specially designed to cater to the demands of the young generation drivers. The edgy design of the vehicle that features the interesting frameless glass tailgate, confident stance and broad shoulders that eventually served as Volvo's design hallmark made it a stunner.

"The new C30 is an ambitious new car for Volvo," said Fredrik Arp, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation. "It is a car that aims for a group of young singles, or couples, with intense urban lifestyles. These people prioritize excitement in design and driving characteristics, and this car should suit their varied tastes perfectly."

"The C30 has plenty of muscles in a sporty and compact package. Anyone who recalls the Volvo SCC (Safety Concept Car) or the classic P1800ES will recognize the exclusive and convenient rear tailgate. The distinctive tail lamps ensure that no one will be uncertain about which car they are following," added Steve Mattin who is Volvo Car's design director.

The hatchback also offers a bunch of legendary heritage from Volvo - its groundbreaking safety features. The Volvo C30 is equipped with the BLIS (standing for Blind Spot Information System), which aids the driver in identifying another vehicle in the blind spot. As a true Volvo, the hatchback is also equipped with the Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS), WHIPS - Whiplash Protection System, and a Side Impact Protection System with side airbags and the Inflatable Curtain, IC. The Volvo C30 also features the patented front and rear structure to absorb and redistribute impact on the vehicle. In cases of accidents, the car also features seatbelts with unique pretensioners to safeguard occupants.

"The new Volvo C30 plays an important role in our push towards a volume of 600,000 cars a year. We are broadening our model program to make it possible for new, younger customers with an intense, urban lifestyle to choose a Volvo with the right appeal as early as possible," Arp noted.

These reasons and more made Nicholson's pride as an enthusiast soar to a new level. This sense of pride is carried over to his company Evolve, which sells aftermarket high-performance parts through car dealerships. Evolve's Volvo products include engine management software.

Nicholson bought a Volvo, known for its safety milestones, six years ago. However, he found out that there were no aftermarket performance parts available for Volvos. "This (his S60 sedan) was a neat and exciting product, but there was nothing out there (in the aftermarket)," Nicholson said. This gave him the idea to write a business plan and meet with some Volvo executives at its headquarters. Volvo executives agreed to let him showcase his ideas by producing a car intended for the 2003 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show.

Eventually, Nicholson decided to launch Evolve in Monrovia, California. About three years after its launch, Evolve already has a full line of aftermarket products to enhance the appeal and performance of late model products. Evolve parts are sold through the parts department of Volvo dealerships. The product lines include reprogrammed engine management software that turns up the power of Volvo engines, a sport exhaust system, air management components to improve airflow into the engine, special turbocharger down pipes, and even complete high-performance turbo charging systems.

Nicholson's company also produces aerodynamic body kits, wheels, brake components, lowering springs, coil-over suspension kits, anti-sway bars and special seats, shifters, pedals and even custom steering wheels.

The company's best customers include the owners of the Volvo S60R. "They typically spend about $3,100 on aftermarket equipment," said Nicholson. A full aero body kit runs around $2,300. A set of lowering springs is $389; an exhaust system is $950; and a full leather interior - seats and door panels - is $2,990 when installed.

Now, Volvo enthusiasts can explore their desires and be secured that they could turn to reality. The choices are not only limited to , steps, tail lights because they could go beyond.