The New Style Bmw 5 Series

by : Adrian Lawrence

The new style BMW 5 series car was restyled as of January 2007, and despite some mixed reviews, is generally considered one of the finest BMW models on the market. The executive saloon car is luxurious, spacious, classy and refined, yet some critics feel the mean and aggressive front styling has been lost, replaced by a more demure and softer look. It is longer and wider, with boot space and rear passenger leg room greatly increased.

The technology has been improved inside too, with the introduction of active steering, a system which reduces steering motion at low speeds, and makes handling much more direct when travelling faster. Put simply, it helps the driver steer more smoothly, and is considered to be such a step forward that its arrival has been greeted comparably with that of ABS man years ago. The xDrive technology means this BMW can also perform well in wintery conditions, snow and ice are no longer such a problem due to the new all wheel drive element which works hand in hand with other features to achieve a secure grip to the road. Also BMW have integrated an improved and less complicated iDrive system, which is used to control the in-car entertainment, navigation, communication and climate options, and is linked to a dash mounted display. Cruise control is another function to have been updated, with a Stop-Start function for use when moving in slow traffic. The new head up display option, which projects information onto the windscreen in the driver's line of sight, adds a superior touch to the updated models. Another new and innovative feature is the Night Vision thermal imaging camera on board, which can pick out pedestrians/animals clearly in the dark, to avoid any possible collisions/accidents. The new radio system brings near digital quality to radio broadcast, meaning a much clearer listening experience.

Insuring the BWM 5 series depends on the model, but can go from a just above average group 15, to the most expensive possible of group 20.

The BMW 5 has all the comfort, style, features and technology you would expect from a luxury executive saloon, and also the character of smaller sports cars, such as speed, power and handling, which makes it a benchmark for the rest of the industry.