Volvo S70 Vs Volvo V70

by : Patrick Kolodziejek

When it comes to buying a Volvo, you know you are getting a safe car with a million great safety features. You also know that even if you are looking a pre-owned Volvo, you are still going to be driving one of the safest cars on the road.

The Volvo s70 was considered a compact executive car. These cars were produced from 1997 to 2000. The car represented a new style in cars and featured a revised suspension system. There were five basic body styles available in these cars including the Base, SE, GL, GLT and the T5. The exterior featured new headlamps as well as a stylish rounded hood at the time. The Volvo s70 featured an optional TRACS traction control system that applied to the front brakes to limit wheel slippage.

The Volvo v70 was the station wagon version of the s70. The car featured the same revised suspension system as well as the newer rounded hood design and headlamps. Both vehicles possessed the new electron brake modulation system that increased performance in normal stops. The benefit of a v70 was in the space for a large family. You were able to pick up the kids from school and fit all of your groceries in the back.

Both models were among the first US cars to feature side airbags as an option. They also featured disc brakes and an anti-lock braking system. Some versions were also available with four-wheel drive. In 2000, the cars were fitted with modified side air bags to improve the protection of the head and chest in case of impact. The dashboard airbags were also improved with additional sensors that would match the deployment force to road speed and seatbelt use. A unique system also automatically unlocked the doors when the airbags were employed. The WHIPS system was designed to prevent whiplash injuries in rear end collisions. This may very well be a feature that many US cars still do not have today. These cars were all around some of the safest cars to be driven in this country.

The Volvo s70 R was a version that was not released in North America. This vehicle was designed more as a sports car and featured all wheel drive with higher performance.

Whether you choose the sportier Volvo s70 or the family style Volvo v70, you are going to be driving one safe car. These are cars that, despite their age, are going to remain some of the safest cars on the road.