Volvos Longevity and Success

by : Kim Baker

"Volvo. For life." True to its brand slogan, Volvo has proven its longevity in record-breaking fashion. Currently, the Guinness World Record for 'Highest Car Mileage" is being held by a 1966 Volvo P1800, which has covered a mind-boggling distance of 4,037,869 kilometers! Keeping up with such a great distance surely involves precise engineering, carefully-cut design, and painstaking attention to details---resulting to sound Volvo Engine Parts.

Because of cutting-edge Volvo Engine Parts, many of the Swedish auto manufacturer's vehicles like the 240's and 740's continue to rack up numbers on their odometers. In fact, things are getting even better as time goes by. Since material technologies have evolved over the years, the delivered today actually have far higher quality than when the production period of P1880's and 100 to 900 series. For instance, synthetic rubber has replaced natural rubber, providing a higher resistance against oil and ultraviolet rays. When it comes to body, chassis and other engine parts though, Volvo makes sure that the tolerances are unchanged.

Volvo's name, coined in 1915, comes from Latin word "Volvere," which means "roll." Indeed, Volvo has rolled out a vast range, yet closely-related products. Its operations has included manufacturing of ball bearings, roller bearings, machines, transmissions, automobiles, bicycles, rolling-stock, transportation devices, and parts of and accessories for the said products.

In 1999, Volvo underwent changing of guards as the Swedish automotive company was purchased by Ford Motors, Inc. To date, almost 15 million Volvo cars have already been "rolled out," aside from millions of trucks, buses, marine, aeronautic and industrial engines, and construction equipments. Of all the cars manufactured to date, some eight million continue to roll today, demonstrating a high percentage of durability.

In the automotive world full of uncertainties, it is rare to precious piece of metal that one can invest in. With its strong record of toughness, a Volvo automobile always deserves a deep consideration. As the manufacturers quipped, "You're not just driving a car. You're driving a promise."