Formula One Technology Finds Its Way to Bmw Road Cars

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The German car manufacturer BMW is not only focusing on the development and production of passenger cars but they are also involved in Formula One racing. Team BMW Sauber is currently the third in the constructor's championship of the current season. In a recent move by the team, they showed that they support developing and using technologies for passenger cars. Recently the team replaced the word "BMW Power" on their car's rear wings with The website provides information about the recent driving technology that BMW developed for its road cars.

Dr. Klaus Draeger, a member of BMW AG Board of management, has this to say about the move to promote active steering: "In Formula One the focus is on guiding the car quickly and precisely around the track, which is why F1 cars have extremely direct steering. Road cars, however, have to meet additional demands. In order to achieve the same level of agility as a racing car, series-produced models require variable ratio steering. And that is where BMW Active Steering comes in." He added that: "This system adjusts its responses constantly to the speed of the car. BMW Active Steering breaks new ground by combining excellent stability at higher speeds with flexibility under heavy steering. Precise directional stability and assured steering movements maximize roadholding and take the strain off the driver. And reliable steering feedback also enhances driving pleasure at high speeds."

With the company focusing on Formula One racing technologies, it comes as no surprise that their cars equipped with BMW fuel injectors should also have advanced technologies. The website features BMW Sauber driver Nick Heidfeld explaining the difference between a Formula One car and a road car. Visitors are given more information about BMW's active steering.

BMW's Director of Central Marketing and BMW Brand Management, Torsten M�ller-Ötvos, explained the connection between their Formula One cars and their production street-legal cars saying: "As a globally high-profile and widely familiar platform for technical innovation, Formula One represents for us an ideal communication tool for the BMW technology campaign. Since we became involved in Formula One, technology transfer has enabled us to generate significant added value both for our production cars and for the Formula One vehicles. Integrating our technology campaign in our Formula One communications is a valid and logical step through which we can show our customers how varying technologies are implemented in road cars and in Formula One, and where the similarities lie."