Bmw Gets Iphone

by : Hailey Kerr

What's the next best thing to owning a BMW X5 equipped with the latest and greatest BMW X5 parts?

How about getting Apple's new iPhone to work with it?

Apparently the newest and currently the hippest gadget around is compatible with BMWs that are compatible with other Apple iPods. The iPhone, in addition should work on Bluetooth-equipped BMWs. This isn't much of a surprise since BMW is known to be among the leaders in automakers in making Bluetooth devices work in cars.

On June 29 BMW became the first automaker to announce a fully integrated system for Apple's brand-new iPhone.

Initially, the German automaker will only offer integration for U.S. models, but with international sales of the iPhone a given, BMW is likely to extend the technology across to other markets.

In statement made in its website,, BMW said, "BMW welcomes the Apple iPhone -- It's the kind of innovative approach you would expect from BMW. In 2004, BMW was the first to integrate the iPod into BMW vehicles and have customers take full control of their music on the road. So it seemed only logical that BMW be among the first to ensure iPhone owners have the same ability to enjoy their music, plus the added benefits of Bluetooth® hands-free calling across our model line. We are pleased to announce that BMW owners can use their iPhone in this way from day one. ... Access to the iPod (or the iPod application of the iPhone) via the vehicle controls and central information or radio display is only possible on cars equipped with iPod/USB interface. The iPod/USB interface is available on 3 and 5 Series with 03/07 production, the X5 with 04/07 production and the 6 Series with 09/07 production date. Further details will be available shortly. In the meantime please contact BMW of North America's Customer Relations Department at 1-800-831-1117 for further details.

"... The iPhone functions with BMW vehicles equipped with BMW Assist with Bluetooth® handsfree-calling as of the date of testing and meets or exceeds minimum standards established by BMW of North America ("BMW"). This is not a warranty for phone performance or functionality. BMW makes no guarantees or warranties as to the performance of any phone while connected to your BMW via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. Furthermore, software releases by BMW, the phone supplier or the wireless carrier dated after testing might alter compatibility results."

About the iPhone

Hailed as a revolutionary phone, the iPhone is a multimedia and Internet-enabled 2.75G quad-band GSM mobile phone produced by Apple. The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone and a multimedia player. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, text messaging, web browsing, Visual Voicemail, and local Wi-Fi connectivity. All these are accomplished via a multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard and buttons. Apple has filed more than 200 patents related to the technology behind the iPhone.